Be Prepared! – Blue Resolute A18 Deck List


The List

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Android 18, Directing
2- Android 18, Prepared
3- Android 18, Effective
4- Android 18, Determined
M – Blue Resolute Mastery

Blocks (10):
3x Blue Deterrence
3x Blue Guard
3x Blue Rest
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Events (4):
2x Villainous Energy Sphere
2x Stare Down

Dragon Balls (1):
1x Earth Dragon Ball 3

Setups (8):
3x Blue Blockade
3x Blue Dominance
2x Visiting the Past

Drills (4):
1x Blue Lifting Drill
1x Blue Biting Drill
1x Blue Positioning Drill
1x Android Attack Drill

Energy Attacks (11):
2x Blue Arm Blast
2x Blue Ki Ball
1x Blue Neck Beam
1x Blue Terror
3x Android 18’s Toss
2x Energized Strike

Physical Attacks (22):
3x Blue Head Knock
3x Blue Slash
3x Blue Android Headbutt
2x Blue Betrayal
2x Blue Decapitation
2x Blue Slide
3x Sinister Choke
3x Android Headbutt
1x Android Arm Breaker

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

The main goal of this deck is to attempt to control the flow of the game through anger control and stream-lining our draws while taking advantage of the high Life Card damage A18 is able to dish out. By using Blue Dominance to get to A18’s new Level 2 as fast as we can, we are able to better assess our options from turn to turn in order to try and set up the best possible combats against our opponent.

The Ins & Outs

One of the great things about playing A18 in Blue is that we are able to capitalize on the large amount of Life Card damage present in the Style. Our base modifier of +2 Life Cards from Level 2 and Resolute Mastery make the majority of the attacks pack a decent punch. However, when we take into account A18’s Toss being able to search out our Android Attack Drill and place it immediately into play, our attacks are suddenly pumping out an impressive +4 Life Cards. At our best, the deck is capable of getting a staggering +5 Life Cards and +2 Stages from all of our modifiers, but I wouldn’t expect that to happen all that often. Luckily, with our ability to look at the top 2 cards of our Life Deck at the beginning of both player’s turns, it’s not completely out of reach!

Speaking of her second ability, for those of us out there who play Magic as well as DBZ, we can appreciate the power of being able to Scry 2. Having information for upcoming draws is incredibly useful. Having access to manipulate that information is even more impactful to the flow of a game. Now being able to do that EACH TURN, gives us such an amazing presence from turn to turn that it almost feels like we are playing a completely different game from our opponent.

We are able to reduce the pain of playing 13 Planning Step cards in our list by pushing them to the bottom of our deck at the beginning of our opponent’s turn. With this, we can almost ensure that our hand will be filled with Combat relevant cards should they decide to call on us. Likewise, on our own turns, we are able to decide based on the top 2 cards we get to see before drawing whether we would like the turn to be a board building turn or if we want to press our luck in combat. In either case, having the ability to bottom cards we just don’t want to see is a very powerful tool.

A18’s free built-in Energy Attack, while having a base damage of 0, will always do a minimum of 2 Life Cards for us, making it a useful poking tool. Once we start to amass our Drill suite, it becomes a legitimate threat each combat. Aside from the damage of the attack, we have a total of 11 Android Named cards for the attack’s secondary ability, allowing us fairly easy access to Critical Damage Effects outside of damage. You will likely be using this ability to continue to place Android Headbutts (of both varieties) back into your deck, keeping the feeling of pressure constant on your opponent.

Give the list a try, and don’t feel afraid to mess with certain aspects of the deck. Like most, there is plenty of room for improvement based on personal preference, your local meta, or even the meta at large once we begin to see the fruits of everyone’s play-testing.

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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