The Game is Dead! Long Live the Game!


Hello there, FanZ Warriors!

With this being the first post to the blog, I want to go ahead and use it as a sort of catch all for what is currently on my mind, as well as to get acquainted to any of you that may not know who I am upon finding this blog (as I am currently the only article writer at this time).

First, for those who do not know me, my name is Chris Kreitzman. I have been playing DBZ since the Score days, and was very eager to hear about the return of the game from its near extinction back in 2015. PanZ practically consumed my free time once it was released. I spent countless hours theory-crafting deck ideas, testing and reviewing in an effort to really wrap my head around the game. While I was only a casual player for the Score version, I wanted to do my best to have a real wealth of knowledge and experience for this new iteration. However, being Manager for a Local Game Store in Virginia made it rather difficult for me to actually travel to large events.

While I was unable to really travel during the PanZ days (going to a handful of events, including the New York Regional in 2016), I was able to help organize a great Local scene in Charlottesville, Virginia as well as both organize and Head Judge the two Regionals held in the State. Those two events were the largest our LCG (The End Games) had ever held, and they are by far my crowning achievements for my time working there. I got to meet a huge amount of great people (including game designers, content creators and players alike), and was very eager to continue to provide great events and information for the game as it grew.

On top of running Local and Regional events, I also wrote several articles and reviews for Next Level Z, a group of close friends of mine that put forth some tremendous effort to promote the PanZ game that we all loved very much. My time spent playing the game with them is something I will forever hold dear in my heart, and I could not have asked for a better group to be a part of for the game.

With the game appearing to be gearing up in player commitment and excitement, and with my free time expanding (as I had just moved to Irving, Tx and would not be held back by job restrictions), I was eagerly anticipating my ability to reconnect with the players and start to create fresh content again for the game. However, during the time of my move, Panini had announced that the game would be ending. Like many of you, I’m sure, I was crushed. This had been the game I had devoted the majority of my time to since it’s return, and I felt at a loss. That feeling would not last long however!


Now that the game has shifted to the FanZ era, I wanted to continue to be a part of this great community. I feel that despite the rather obvious setback for the game, those still involved are putting forth an amazing effort to provide something for the die-hard fans of the game. I really cannot commend them enough for the effort they are presenting, and look forward to the amazing content that they create in the time that follows.

Because of their devotion, I wanted to continue my efforts for the game as well. Since I had planned on reaching out to the community and providing great content for the game, my goals will remain unchanged. I hope that as the game continues to adapt and grow, I am able to do the same with the content provided here for this blog.

With that, I’ll go ahead and wrap this first post up. Thank you for checking out the blog, and look forward to reviews, deck lists and general articles in the weeks and months that follow!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!



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