Theory-crafting 101: Dress to Impress!

FanZ Warriors! Welcome to our 1st installment of Theory-crafting 101!

These theory-crafting articles hope to promote some fan discussion on a particular deck strategy that has potential at some high-level competitive play. On top of this, each Theory-crafting 101 article will have a poll to vote on for the next article in the series! With that all said, let’s take a look at our 1st topic!

The List

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Broly, Survivor
2 – Broly, Determined
3 – Broly, Legendary
4 – Broly, Relentless
M – Orange Adept Mastery

Blocks (10) :
3x Orange Energy Catch
3x Orange Refocus
3x Orange Juke
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Events (4) :
1x Orange Aid
3x Unleashed

Dragon Balls (1) :
1x Earth Dragon Ball 3

Setups (4) :
2x Orange Dressing Room
2x Visiting the Past

Drills (7) :
2x Orange Joint Restraint Drill
2x Orange Disaster Drill
1x Orange Checkup Drill
1x Orange Examination Drill
1x Orange Investigation Drill

Energy Attacks (3) :
3x Broly’s Eraser Cannon

Physical Attacks (31) :
3x Orange Uppercut
3x Orange Empowered Kick
3x Orange Bicycle Kick
3x Orange Knee Strike
3x Orange Collision
3x Orange Enraged Bash
3x Orange Extension
2x Orange Elbow
3x Broly’s Face Crusher
3x I’ll Dig Your Grave!
2x Stomach Crusher

What are we trying to Accomplish?

Like most Broly lists, our main objective is PAIN AND SUFFERING for our opponent. Big physicals, doing huge damage, is the name of the game. Unleashed and Dig” are our primary leveling tools.

The “sub-game” for this list is to attempt to get to Level 4  as fast as we can with 2 Dressing Rooms attached and our 2 Physical Buff Drills, netting us an insane +11 stages of damage for our Styled physical attacks, before AT or their own printed modifiers! And all without Endurance for our opponent, courtesy of our constant effect on our MP.

While this may seem like a bit of a pipe-dream, I feel like the ability to force through levels coupled with the amount of Drill searching and recursion, should get a decent amount of our pieces together for us fast!

The Power is Yours!

So what did you think of our list for the day? This list (like all other Theory-crafted lists moving forward) is completely untested. So please feel free to leave any comments you have about the list and any situations you’ve found while testing to help the community bring this deck from theory to competitive!

Below is our poll for next Tuesday’s list, so please make sure to vote before rushing to the testing grounds!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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