CRD & Frozen List Updates – 3/7/17

By now, I’m sure most of you have seen the CRD & Frozen list updates that were posted on The Dead Zone on Tuesday. For those who have yet to check them out, they can be found here.

Today I’m going to be going over my thoughts on the changes and what I think they have done to help promote the growth and development of the meta for FanZ moving forward.

Before we jump into the article, please check out the poll on Tuesday’s “Theory-crafting 101” article and vote on your favorite for next Tuesday’s list!

Something Old, Something New

Since his introduction to the game in Premiere Set, Gohan has been met with a lot of differing opinions. He has been labeled as one of the worst MPs in the game, as well as one of the best on different occasions. One of the biggest things going for his original stack was the interaction he had with the Namekian Knowledge Mastery. Being able to win by MPPV after rejuvenating a single card on his Level 4 (both in and out of combat, depending on the timeline of the Namekian Mastery’s errata) should your deck be constructed in a particular fashion. I personally have played this combo myself many times (both on release as well as with the new FanZ Gohan Stack), and I can gladly say I am not disappointed with the Dev Team’s decision on Gohan’s constant power.

With the new CRD update, Gohan’s shuffle effect has now been taken from a Constant effect to an Instant effect, limiting the amount of times it can trigger per turn to 1. I think this is 100% the right thing to do as far as balance for the MP. The interaction of the MP and Knowledge Mastery still exists, but now allows your opponent more interactive opportunities. The speed in which Gohan can level has been cranked up dramatically over the last few sets, and I feel this change is exactly what the meta needed to not be completely consumed by MPPV decks wishing to give their opponent the least amount of time to prepare.

Our last CRD update came in the form of Red Trailing Blast gaining new parenthetical text. This new text now banishes the card should it attempt to attach to an MP whose level 4 has a power level of higher than 500,00 (only allowing “Underdogs” to attach it). The Implications of this change are rather obvious. Goku’s Awakening Stack has caused a lot of turmoil since its release. As things have slowly shifted, one of the biggest eyesores on the game’s competitive meta is balancing oppressive power against legitimate good deck design and tight gameplay. With Goku’s built-in card advantage on each of his levels, little is needed to help widen the gap of power he presents to players. With this change to Red Trailing Blast, those looking to play Unleashed in Red may now set their sights on MPs such as Yamcha, Krillin or even Captain Ginyu.

All-in-all, I think both CRD updates have helped the overall health of the meta.


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The Frozen List, for those unaware, was brought into the game at the end of Regional Season 2016 in order to prepare the meta for the cards coming out in Awakening. The purpose of this list was to allow certain cards to be “Frozen” in order to keep the meta from warping a certain way with new releases, and allowing those dedicated to newer strategies the ability to brew and grow without being oppressed by well established decks.

In order for a card to be eligible to be “Frozen”, the card must have been released at least two years prior. On top of this, all MPs were deemed safe from being “Frozen”. What this did, was ensure that MPs would always be viable for those looking to enjoy their favorite characters, though certain advantageous cards may be taken away from those decks in order to keep the balance of the meta intact.

The first official additions to the list were the Premiere Set Masteries. These were added in hopes to spark interest in the new Masteries presented in Awakening, as well as to avoid the meta stagnating on the current “top tier” lists that had been out to this point. One of Panini’s final official announcements for the game was the “Thawing” of the Blue, Namekian, Orange & Saiyan Masteries from Premiere Set. This left only Red Enraged Mastery and Black Devious Mastery Frozen upon the announcement.

Aside from the CRD updates above, this newest FanZ announcement has also come with Blue Terror being placed on the Frozen List. This is the first use of the Frozen List by the FanZ Dev Team, and I feel that it is personally a great choice for the health of the game.

While many people will feel they are losing an iconic card for the style, the real issues come with the potential abuse of the card (again looking at Awakening’s Goku Stack). Goku – Selfless sets up an incredibly abusive game state of being able to recycle Blue Terror and any card from his deck each combat at virtually no cost. Outside of Goku, however, certain decks and strategies could take huge advantage of being able to turn their deck into a toolbox, searching for any “Get Out of Jail Free” card needed for the given situation. And while most players would consider this one of Blue’s greatest strengths, the reality is that a ton of a game’s momentum could be shifted over a single card, leading to much less interactive and much more abusive game-states.

I hope you all have enjoyed my take on the updates and changes, and as always, I look forward to what develops out of them.

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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