Food for Thought – What I Would Bring to North Kai

Hey everyone!

I’d like to take today’s article to look at the potential meta for North Kai and go over the decklists I would likely bring were I able to attend North Kai this year.

My Thoughts on the State of the Meta

It’s hard to really pinpoint what the meta is going to look like going into the first official event for FanZ. We can take a look at a large majority of Set 7 decks, but the interesting thing about being in the FanZ meta (outside from the FanZ cards themselves), is the fact that there is a much larger potential for Rogue decks to present themselves. And not necessarily because the FanZ cards exist (although those certainly help), but because with so few Tournaments to look forward to this season (only 6 in total), it is much more likely that players will choose the MPs and Styles that enjoy the most, rather than the more competitive lists. With so few options to play with a large group of players, and with only die-hard fans remaining to fill those seats, I feel like the “competitive” meta will change to what players are appearing, and not necessarily what decks to expect.

Now, with all that said, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t expect to see high-level competitive decks, but I think that what is considered to be high-level will be a huge shift from what it appeared as during the PanZ era. With particular cards designed to help uplift weaker strategies, and with CRD and Frozen List changes to depower abusive strategies, many MPs and decks will start to sprout up that would have been strong-armed out of top tier beforehand.

Expected Meta Decks

So now that we know my idea on what “the meta” means now, what decks do I think will be at the Tournament for sure? If I had to guess, I would imagine:

  • Black Conflict Frieza
  • Black Conflict A17
  • Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
  • Namekian Knowledge Cell
  • Orange Retribution Gohan
  • Red Ascension (aka “Ferrari”) Trunks
  • Saiyan Empowered Broly
  • Saiyan Empowered Raditz

“Why these decks,” you may be asking yourself. Some of these decks were powerful contenders during PanZ, some are powerful contenders now that FanZ has introduced new tools for them, and the rest are powerful contenders due to the new CRD & Frozen List changes (both the 1st FanZ and the last PanZ changes).

One thing you may notice from the list is the lack of Blue Styled decks. Don’t be alarmed however. I don’t believe Blue is not competitive going into North Kai. The downside to Blue, however, is the lack of experience with the color going into this new meta. I believe that Blue has some of the best tools in the game to deal with a wide variety of decks; it’s finding the right character to pilot the deck that will be the real test. Because of this, I couldn’t really point to a single Blue Deck going into this event and say “Yeah, I think that has a good chance of winning.”

What Should Your Deck Focus on the Most?

As with most large events, knowing what to sleeve and what to leave home will be crucial. And, as with most new meta events, the likelihood for MPPV Decks to squeeze past unsuspecting opponents is much higher.

For those of you who play Magic as well, you may know about the “Red Deck Wins” phenomenon that occurs with many new-set metas that occur in the game. For those unaware, or who do not play Magic, “Red Deck Wins” is a deck which uses low-cost, aggressive cards to get underneath their opponents who are either playing new cards or retooling their decks due to cards rotating. By choosing to play aggressive, these RDW players capitalize on the fact that, should their opponent fumble in the slightest, the aggressive nature of their deck will push the game to the closing point much faster than many would expect.

Much like RDW, MPPV Strategies that go unchecked tend to capitalize on the slow nature of many other decks. Because of this, it is critical that you plan to see MPPV during the Swiss portion of the event, even as a secondary win-condition. With many cards pushing the power of MPPV, it is likely that you already know this, but it is easy to forget when you start to focus on particular decks to prepare for, so keep that in mind.

Drill-based decks have also seen a big push over the last two sets. Like MPPV, many of you may know this already if you’ve ever sat across from an Orange Retribution deck over the last few months. Having answers to Drills will also help push you forward through Swiss.

So What Would I Bring?

Honestly, this is a tough question to answer. As of this writing I have tested: Blue Resolute A18, Black Conflict Frieza, Namekain Knowledge Gohan (pre-CRD), Orange Retribution A16 and Red Ascension Wheelo. With the exception of Wheelo, which is a pet deck I have been messing with, every other deck felt like it had the potential to be a contender for the event. However, without enough research under my belt, it’s hard to say which I would bring. Likewise, there are many other strategies that I have wanted to test as well that I simply haven’t had a chance to try yet.

Decks like: Saiyan Dynamic Trunks, Black Perceptive Tenshinhan, Orange Retribution Cooler, Red Ascension Raditz, and Blue Protective Goku have all been decks that I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve also been toying with the idea of a Blue Tag Team Cell list, but haven’t figured out the correct deck composition to test out as of yet.

Based on my gut-instinct, how well they have tested so far, and my love for Androids, there is a good chance that A18 or A16 would likely be what I bring to the event. Both have gotten great new MP levels that help push them towards more competitive play, with one being more controlling, and the other being more aggressive. Due to my affinity for control in most card games, Blue Resolute A18 is likely the list I would end up taking with me if I were to choose right this moment.

Whether or not that is the correct choice, however, remains to be seen.

Time is of the Essence

With only 6 days before the event, the time to test and tweak is almost at an end. What decks do you think you will see at the event? What are your predictions for Top 4 of this new FanZ Meta? Let’s hear what you have to say!

I hope all those going to North Kai have a fantastic time! I know I am eagerly awaiting what the Top Cuts have to show us, and can’t wait to discuss the meta in the aftermath of it all.

Thanks for checking out the article for today! If you haven’t voting in the “Theory-crafting 101” poll yet, please make sure to check out Tuesday’s article and vote for your favorite combination to see for this coming Tuesday. Don’t forget, the top two runner ups in the poll will return during the next week to get another shot!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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