Theory-crafting 101: Keep Your Eye on the Birdie!

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s edition of “Theory-crafting 101!” This week we will be taking a look at Kakarot’s big brother, Raditz!

As always, these lists are untested and meant to generate discussion on the strategy itself, rather than the validity of the list presented below. This list is a baseline to build and test around to see what comes of the idea itself. Please feel free to make any changes you see fit and try it out for yourself!

With that said, let’s take a look:

The List

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Raditz, True Saiyan
2 – Raditz, Confident
3 – Raditz, Angered
4 – Raditz, Triumphant
M – Red Ascension Mastery

Blocks (12) :
3x Red Stop
3x Red Brace
3x Red Reverse
2x Red Blocking Hand
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Events (2) :
2x Red Retreat

Setups (2) :
2x Visiting the Past

Drills (13) :
2x Red Speedy Drill
2x Red Forward Stance Drill
2x Red Channel Surfing Drill
2x Red Scanning Drill
1x Red Dazing Drill
1x Red Saving Drill
1x Red Hunting Drill
1x Red Intimidation Drill
1x Red Despair Drill

Energy Attacks (23) :
3x Red Static Shot
3x Red Heating Beams
3x Red Freezing Beam
3x Red Cannon
3x Red Enhanced Beam
3x Red Tandem Blast
2x Red Downward Burst
3x Assisted Kamehameha

Physical Attacks (8) :
3x Red Right Punch
2x Red Pummel
3x Raditz’s Offensive Guard

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

The main theme of this deck is to get to Level 2 as fast as we can then set up shop. We shift from using our anger to level and begin to use it as a resource to deal with whatever our opponent is trying to throw at us. In order to stop ourselves from leveling, we are playing cards like Red Tandem Blast, Red Heating Beams, and Red Downward Burst to convert our anger into useful effects. Cards like Red Dazing Drill and Red Scanning Drill also give us bonus effects for tapping into these anger reducing cards, forcing our opponent to skip actions and destroy cards.

An interesting combo that presents itself in the deck is Red Despair Drill and Red Pummel. Should we be close to leveling, Red Pummel can lock our anger into place, granting all of our attacks for the turn huge damage boosts with no fear of leveling or having the bonus damage reduced for any reason. While this will shut off our Red Forward Stance Drill and Red Scanning Drill for the turn, the momentum gained from the additional damage should make up for it. Plus, at the end of combat, we can choose to set our anger to 0 to tutor our Life Deck or discard pile for any Drill and place it into play. Resetting our anger may seem like a detriment, but maintaining our level is vital for the main structure of the deck.

Raditz’s Level 2 Constant effect turns all of our Drills and Setups into tiny mill effects. Couple that with Red Channel Surfing Drill and Red Speedy Drill and suddenly we have some sizable damage that our opponent has little room to interact with. Should they remove any of our pieces though, there are a number of ways to tutor our drills back, even from the Banished Zone!

With the help of Red Reverse from Celestial Tournament, we also have a very good chance of dealing critical damage from all of our Styled Energy Attacks, which should keep our power stages fairly high thanks to our Mastery’s Constant effect.

But should we be forced up a level, we have Red Saving Drill to keep our board intact while gaining the new ability to discard a random card from our opponent’s hand when entering combat, making it much harder for our opponent to set up ideal combats.

The Power is Yours!

So that’s our Raditz list for this week! Thanks to everyone who voted for it over the last two weeks. I hope it’s what you were hoping for or, at the very least, gives you some ideas to toy with moving into this weekend’s North Kai Tournament.

Since there was a tie for 3rd last week, we have 3 returning decks to choose from for this week’s poll! So don’t forget to vote on your favorite option, because you just might see it as next week’s article!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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