Theory-crafting 101: I Am The Hype!

Hey everyone!

It’s time for this week’s “Theory-crafting 101” list! This time around we will be exploring the might of the Saiyan Prince himself, Vegeta! Now my original idea for this week was to try and find a Dynamic list that wanted to play the Villain Vegeta stack. But unfortunately, I just couldn’t come up with a list that impressed me (6 anger is just so much to level the fair way). So instead, we’ll be taking a look at the Awakening Hero Stack for Vegeta.

As with all of our “Theory-crafting 101” lists, this deck is completely untested and presented as a means to promote discussion. There will likely be countless changes you or I may want to make upon testing this deck, but it’s always fun to delve into the card pool and see just what turns up!

Alright, let’s get into it:

The List

MP Levels and Mastery :
1 – Vegeta, Experienced
2 – Vegeta, Imposing
3 – Vegeta, Energized
4 – Vegeta, Pinnacle of Power
M – Saiyan Dynamic Mastery

Blocks (10) :
2x Saiyan Outrage
2x Saiyan Hand Swipe
1x Saiyan Crouch
2x Saiyan Lightning Dodge
2x Saiyan Wrist Block
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Setups (4) :
1x Saiyan Extreme Training
1x Saiyan Menace
2x Visiting the Past

Drills (2) :
1x Saiyan Unleashing Drill
1x Saiyan Protection Drill

Dragon Balls (1) :
1x Namek Dragon Ball 6

Events (4) :
1x Saiyan Rescue
3x Unleashed

Energy Attacks (32) :
3x Saiyan Burst
3x Saiyan Rapid Fire
3x Saiyan Pinpoint Blast
3x Saiyan Aerial Attack
2x Saiyan Tantrum
1x Saiyan Tracking Blast
3x Assisted Kamehameha
3x Quick Blast
3x Energized Strike
3x Vegeta’s Galick Gun
2x Vegeta’s Destruction Blast
2x Focused Assault
1x Crushing Beam

Physical Attacks (7) :
3x Saiyan Turning Kick
2x Saiyan Body Blow
2x Saiyan Left Kick

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

So there are a few things going on with this list. Off the bat, you’ll likely notice that there is a large amount of non-Styled attacks in the deck. Obviously, we want to try and capitalize on Vegeta’s build-in damage and effect boosting, so we are hoping to draw a variety of non-Styled attacks from turn to turn. Next, you’ll likely notice that we are an Unleashed deck. I know many people don’t care for the card, and I’ve said my piece about it as well in a previous article, but it just works so well within the Style and in particular this deck, so we’re going for it! Finally you’ll likely notice that we have a small Drill package in the deck, but we’ll go over that in a moment.

This list sports 7 different attachment targets (3x Quick Blast, 1x Saiyan Rescue, 1x Saiyan Tracking Blast, 1x Saiyan Crouch and 1x Saiyan Extreme Training), 3 of which are capable to shuffle back into our deck, making our Unleashed, Body Blow and Outrage likely to hit every time. To go off on a tangent for a moment: Quick Blast does a ton of work for us in this deck! Not only is it a non-Styled attack that can do either Life Card or Stage Damage for us, depending on what we need, and not only is it an attachment, but while it’s attached, all blocks played from any player’s hands are banished after use. So no need to worry about our opponent recurring Time or Namekian Hybrid Defense as long as Quick Blast is on duty!

One of the big pit-falls of this list is the fact that we are rather reliant on our Stages. While Saiyan has a small handful of cards that can gain us stages, what we likely will have to do instead is try and protect ourselves from Stage Damage as much as possible. Because of this, we are running the bane of most physical beatdown decks, Namek Dragon Ball 6. On top of this, we are also running Saiyan Protection Drill, netting us a total of -1 Life Card & -3 Stages of damage from all of our opponent’s attacks while both are in play! And with the help of Saiyan Crouch, we can net a whopping +6 PUR with Crouch and our DB! But even with all this, we may run into situations where we are low on stages, and so we have a handful of attacks that are free that still do Life Card damage for us, keeping us as relevant as possible, even in our most dire straits.

Another tool we have to try and lower the amount of damage we will be taking from our opponent’s physical attacks is Saiyan Unleashing Drill. Since the majority of our deck is Energy Attacks, we will be adding a nice +2 Stage Damage bonus on top of Vegeta’s buffs already, hopefully minimizing our opponent’s AT damage as much as we can by keeping them around the same bracket as us.

For those of you out there looking to play a version of the list without Unleashed or Assisted Kamehameha, you could swap out these cards for Sinister Choke and Android Headbutt; making sure to search for Extreme Training with Body Blow and Outrage in order to stay on your Level 2 to capitalize on the unpreventable damage it provides you.

The Power Is Yours!

As always, thanks for checking out the list for this week. I really appreciate all the support and praise the blog has been getting as of late. I really enjoy helping people stay positive and focused on the game, so I hope everything you find here keeps you tuned into the game and ready to play for years to come! I know as long as there are readers out there, I’ll be here typing away, making sure to keep you informed and always thinking about the many possibilities at hand!

With that, I’ll leave you all to this week’s poll. Please make sure to vote on your favorite choice, as it just might end up as next week’s “Theory-crafting 101”!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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