Random Thoughts – What is Dead Can Never Die!

Hey everyone!

Today is Easter, and whether that means it’s a day of resurrection, a day to honor the Goddess of Fertility, War and Power, or just another Sunday, I thought we’d spend the day looking back to ScoreZ and discuss three powerful cards I would like to see return to FanZ (a mere three sets after “death”), that wouldn’t upset the balance of the game. These cards are presented in no particular order, as I would like to see all of them reprinted in some fashion or another if possible.

Some of these cards may need a small power tweak to accommodate the more balanced nature of the current game, so I’ll be adding my interpretation of the FanZ version I would like to see, for your viewing pleasure!

With that, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see which cards I’ve deemed worthy to return from beyond the grave!

Blue Knockdown

Blue Knockdown is one of my favorite Blue physical attacks in ScoreZ. It did everything you really wanted it to: did big damage, made sure you were at your highest stage before it hit (ensuring that big damage and recovering from your opponent’s hits), and neatly tucked itself back into your Life Deck to be used again later. Truly a great tool to counter-act other physical beatdown decks.

With PanZ and FanZ focused more on the general balance of the game, having a card that basically resets the last 10 stages of damage your opponent inflicted might be a tad too good to attach to an AT+5 attack. I think by lowering the damage slightly, we are able to preserve the essence of the card without destroying the balance.

On the reverse, if giving Blue another AT+5 physical attack is something that you would prefer (as I know some players out there would), changing the card from setting you to your highest stage to gaining you 4 0r 5 stages may be another option. This option will make the card feel very similar to Blue Face Crunch, but since it rejuvenates itself rather than letting you look at your opponent’s hand, it could likely be played in conjunction to the card, rather than in place of it.

A Hero’s Heart is Strong

In both versions of the game, a player’s discard pile has always been more of a resource pool or extension of a player’s hand than a pile of cards no longer accessible to the player. Because of this, discard pile hate has always been a necessity, but also a hard tool to balance. You don’t want to deter the players using their discard piles too much, but at the same time, you need to be able to remove that resource from them to some degree as well.

The change to this card’s text is less to balance the original card, and more so to make the card more appealing to play within the FanZ meta. While it is limited to 1 per deck, giving it the text to count as being Styled or Named opens up the ability to search for the card more easily within certain strategies. Also, adding the text to allow each player to draw a card, then discard a card turns this card into more of a reset button instead of just a pure kill-switch to discard pile manipulation.

With many strategies focused around discard pile recursion and rejuvenation, this card could easily find a home in more controlling decks.

Red Whiplash

Having been a Red Physical Beatdown player for the majority of ScoreZ, Red Whiplash was by far one of my favorite cards to play. The card had little downside: either you hit, dealing your opponent an impressive amount of damage or it was stopped and the card likely replaced itself, as well as set up the top of your deck in whatever way you wanted. The nice part about this card is that, if stopped, you could replace it with either a physical attack or physical block thanks to the card looking for a Physical Combat card without restriction, giving you the potential to push the offense more or fill in a gap in your own defenses.

Obviously Empower did not make the transition to PanZ, and likely will not return in FanZ, however the empower is the least exciting part of the card, and so not much is lost without it. That being said, the ability to reset the top of your deck however you want may push the card a little too much in this version of the game, and so this iteration of the card grants Red the ability to shuffle their deck after choosing what to replace the attack with instead. As with most cards with large upsides in PanZ, this card would almost certainly Banish after use as well, to negate recursion of this powerful effect.

Laid to Rest

Thanks for checking out today’s article. While none of these cards are extremely flashy, I feel like they add some interesting effects to the game that are currently missing from this edition.

What cards would you like to see? What cards do you feel already represent a spiritual reprint of an older card or concept? Or would you rather leave ScoreZ in the past and enjoy the new game for what it is on its own? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors.



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