Player Requested Style Discussion Part I: The State of Saiyan

Hey everyone!

Since the decision was nearly unanimous, today will be Part I of our next three part series evaluating the remaining Styles in the game. Like the North Kai articles, we will take a look at the strengths of each Style, all of the Masteries available within that Style, and what MPs pair well with each Mastery.

Out of these Top Three Styles from the current meta, we’ll be starting this series with the Style fashioned for those superior space warriors, Saiyan. While more restricted in the sense that much of its card pool relies on being aggressive in combat, I feel this Style has much more going on than what may appear at face value.

For any unfamiliar with the Saiyan MP restriction, the following MPs are the only in the game (as of this writing) that are allowed to use these Masteries: Broly, Cell, Cell Jr, Gohan, Goku, Nappa, Raditz, Trunks, Turles, and Vegeta.

As we can see, the majority (if not all) of these MPs have been powerhouses in the story at one point or another, leaving this Style feeling much more in-your-face than many of the others. Yet, like every style in the game, there is much more going on if you are willing to take a look beyond your typical list.

However, the majority of the lists for this style currently being played share a very similar card pool. Wanting to focus on the aggression instead of the interesting interactions present within the style. So let’s see if this article can’t shake things up a bit!

Saiyan’s Over-All Strengths

Saiyans are some of the most powerful and combat-oriented characters in the story. Their prowess on the field of battle is second-to-none, drawing their power from the drive and determination deep within themselves to conquer or be conquered. And so, it should come as no surprise that each Mastery presented in this Style gives the added bonus of gaining anger in some form or another. Getting to their highest pinnacle is something that nearly every Saiyan aspires towards, though sometimes reaching those points can come at a cost.

Like Namekian, Saiyan sports a large amount of Rejuvenation within the style. Unlike, Namekian, however, many of these effects take the form of aggressive cards, typically attacks, showing that Saiyans are always trying to widen the gap between victory and defeat for their opponents.

Board Control
Typically in the form of Ally removal, the Style has several cards that can help clear your opponent’s board of nearly any unwanted card. While Setup and Drill removal comes at a slightly higher premium (usually found on their own non-aggressive cards, and thus making them less appealing to run), there really isn’t much that is off-limits for a proud Saiyan Elite.

Attachments Matter
Likely the Style in the game that has the most Attachment synergy, Saiyan sports a wide variety of effects on their attachments. Cards like Saiyan Strength Test and Saiyan Rescue have seen plenty of play at one time or another to try and counteract their opponent’s recursion effects while slowly building ground with their own. Likewise, Saiyan has a handful of cards that can search your Life Deck for an attachment and put it directly into play for you, making cards like Tree of Might that much more appealing, as it will not cost you an action to attach it before laying in the damage.

Minor Themes in Saiyan
– High Endurance
– Higher Power Level Matters
– Dragon Balls
– Setups/Drills Matter
– The “Menace” Engine
– Saiyan Allies Matter

Saiyan Empowered Mastery

The first Mastery introduced into the game for the Style shares a remarkable resemblance to the Saiyan Style Mastery from Buu Saga back in Score Z. While watered down slightly, due to the more balanced nature of PanZ, the benefit of rocketing through levels at the cost of MPPV victory is likely something most Saiyan players will gladly accept. One interesting point to keep in mind about this Mastery, is that it is the only one within the Style capable of letting your MP level outside of combat, as its “Rejuvenate a Styled card to gain an anger” effect can trigger even during your Rejuvenation Step. If your opponent isn’t careful, they could find themselves staring down a higher level Saiyan faster than they expected.

Likewise, because this Mastery already removes the ability to win by MPPV just for playing it, and the fact that the Style has so many attach cards, Unleashed will likely find its way into many of the lists run with this Mastery.

What MPs are good with this Mastery?
As nearly all Saiyan MPs sport an impressive Level 4 at this point in the game, the temptation to reach that level with as little wasted opportunity means you will likely find yourself playing this Mastery at some point during your testing. Any MP that can increase its Survival Victory by gaining these levels faster than usual are a natural fit for this Mastery.

These MPs are likely:
Broly: Broly’s Level 4 is one of the most brutal attack based levels in the game.
– Vegeta (Premiere): Having anger added to each of your attacks can be deadly.
– Goku (Awakening): Any Style that can support Unleashed is Goku’s playground.
– Trunks (Evolution): Adding +5 stages to your attacks makes every card a haymaker.
– Raditz: Unlike the rest, this is a combo build that can catch your opponent off-guard.

Saiyan Rampaging Mastery

The second Mastery printed for this Style was the first to allow MPPV as a win condition for the Saiyans! Not only that, but advancing levels seems like a breeze when given the ability to raise your anger with each successful styled attack. Not to mention the fact that you only need 4 anger each level instead of 5!

While giving up the importance of Rejuvenation and stage gain, being able to potentially jump multiple levels in a single combat thanks to this Mastery means the game may be over before your opponent has a chance to land an impactful hit.

The other interesting part of this Mastery is the fact that you can convert a Styled card with Endurance in your hand each combat into a non-Styled physical attack for 1+X stages of damage, where X equals the Endurance of the card. There have been several cards designed specifically to go with this effect, and I for one think it is something worth tinkering with.

What MPs are good with this Mastery?
Like Empowered, any MP looking to advance levels quickly will find a good home here. Unlike Empowered though, having MPPV unlocked means that Unleashed is less welcome in this style of deck. Not to mention the fact that the HIT effect from the Mastery is optional, meaning that any deck wishing to camp on a particular level will be happy to get there a bit faster and have the ability to stay there!

These MPs are likely:
Cell: Whether playing Perfection or Awakening Cell, his level 3 is typical the best.
– Trunks (Awakening): While not “Ferrari” Trunks, it will blitz passed anyone that blinks.
– Turles: Being able to unlock Turles’ level 3 could leave your opponent in a world of hurt.
– Gohan (Various): With so many combos of levels, there is bound to be something here.
– Vegeta (Awakening): Saiyan Denial + Built-in Bonuses = large life card swings.

Saiyan Dynamic Mastery

Awakening’s newest Mastery is definitely an interesting one for the Style. A small nod to Saiyan Supreme Mastery from the GT days of ScoreZ, you are given the ability to start the game at Level 2. That already sounds like a pretty impressive deal. Plus, all of your Styled attacks that don’t have the word anger in their text box gain “raise your anger 1 level.” Alright, so then what exactly is the catch? Well you need 6 anger to level instead of 5. But given the fact that you have started the game with 5 free anger makes this feel like a pretty reasonable trade off.

You are still capable of winning by MPPV if you desire, but the likelihood is, if you are playing this Mastery it’s because your MP’s level 2 or 3 are their sweet spot.

What MPs are good with this Mastery?
This Mastery will definitely make you scratch your head the first time you try to build around it. Having access to Level 2, but still being allowed to start at 1 if the match-up is better suited for it, feels like you are already given some pretty solid options from turn 0.

You are really going to want to find an MP that likely doesn’t want to level much off of the level you choose to start on, as leveling can be a bit of a chore for this Mastery. Since having the effect to lower your opponent’s anger on an attack means that it turns off your own anger gain, and the fact that much of Saiyan’s card pool does not raise its anger naturally because of Empowered Mastery, you might find yourself in no-man’s land if you happen to get lowered a level or if you are in need to level yourself. So think carefully on who you play with this one.

These MPs are likely:
Cell Jr: Let’s you start with an impressive attack and can convert your allies to blocks.
– Trunks (Awakening): There is a sweet DBV build here if you are willing to find it.
– Gohan (Celestial): Starts off ready to punish anger and MP powers.
– Raditz: If you are playing the combo build, it might be worth trying it here as well.
– Turles: Clench+lvl2 power = 10 stages, plus HIT for 2 anger and a crit effect.

With Great Vengeance and Furious Anger…

Thanks for stopping by to check out this new series! Part II will be focusing on the other Style limited by its MP choices, Namekian!

Namekian has been under the scrutiny of the community since the game began. Delicately walking the fine line of “Broken” in terms of tournament quality decks throughout the course of the game, Namekian has never really stopped being a top meta choice. Tune in next week as we explore what the style has to offer!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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