Player Requested Style Discussion Part II: The State of Namekian

Hey everyone!

Today is Part II of our Player Requested Style Discussion of the top Styles currently in the game! We discussed Saiyan last time, and so today we will be moving on to the other MP restricted Style in the game, Namekian.

For those of you unaware of the MP restriction for the Style, here are currently all of the MPs (as of this writing) that are allowed to use the Namekian Style: Cell, Cell Jr, Gohan, Lord Slug, Piccolo, and Nail.

As you can tell from the list above, there are not many MPs currently available for this Mastery, making this Style feel the most identical when it comes to seeing competitive lists. With only 6 MPs that can run this Mastery, there is not really much in the way of innovation or divergent gameplay to be found in this Style. Yet, each of its Masteries focuses on a very distinct aspect that the Style has to offer, making up for the lack of creative freedom found in many of these decks.

Moving forward, I hope that we see some newer MPs added to this list via Legacy MP Stacks. Characters like Kami or Dende could make for some needed diversity among deck lists, and could create decks focused heavily around DB Victory or Allies, strategies that either of these two MPs would excel at!

The only other option I could see, is potentially shelving Namekian to give way to a newer Mastery. Once the Buu arch begins, Dende and Piccolo are the only Namekians still relevant to the story, and both take a big backseat to the stars of the show, the Saiyans. And while Gohan is still very important to the story, going off to train with the Kais and unlocking his “Mystic” potential to try and combat Buu, his Saiyan arrogance really takes ahold of his personality, and so I feel having him as the only character driving the Style is a little weak.

What I would really like to see is potentially another limited Mastery which focuses on the spiritual and mystical aspects of combat in DBZ. Allowing characters like Piccolo, Gohan, the Kais, Dende, Tenshinhan, Master Roshi, Majin Buu, Dabura, Babidi and the like use this Style could help give it both offensive and defensive strategies, and could keep the door open for characters like Beerus, Janemba, Tapion, etc should FanZ continue all the way from Buu to Resurrection of F!

But that’s a discussion for another day. We are here to discuss Namekian. So let’s take a look at what makes this Style tick!

Namekian’s Over-All Strengths

I find it quite interesting that both Styles that have such a limited pool of MPs both excel exceptionally well and keeping themselves alive. I suppose this comes from the Saiyans’ resolve during combat, and the Namekians long life spans, but it’s certainly an interesting coincidence in the card game!

Anger Gain/MPPV
Like their Aggressive counterparts again, the Namekian Style has the ability to blast through levels during combat. Unlike Saiyan however, the Namekians can accomplish this with very little offensive, using utility cards and defensive effects coupled with their Masteries to take over combat before their opponent is able to restrict them. With the Knowledge and Restored Masteries, MPPV should be no problem to accomplish, and in rather short notice!

Dragon Ball Victory
Namekian is truly the land of triple-threat victory, having the best tools to go down whichever path your opponent is incapable of interacting with at any given moment. This is quite the helpful tool to have with such a restrictive Style, keeping your opponent guessing just how deep into each strategy you are dedicated. Namekian sports the most cards capable of placing (or on rare occasion, actually playing) Dragon Balls into play from your hand or Life Deck during combat, making your most desired wish closer than ever before!

Setups Matter
With Namekian having the ability to be one of the most passive Styles in the game, Setups became an important factor on the path to victory outside of combat. Luckily for the Style, Namekian has some of the best effects on Setups the game has to offer, with cards the likes of: Namekian Wish, Namekian Dragon Clan, Namekian Growth and Namekian Fusion, just to name a few.

Minor Themes in Namekian
– Allies Matter
– Poweful Events
– Energy/Physcial Beatdown
– Interesting Drills

Namekian Knowledge Mastery

Namekian Knowledge Mastery as we know it today has gone through a pretty substantial change since its creation in Premiere Set. When it was first introduced, this Mastery (much like with Saiyan Empowered Mastery) was capable of leveling your MP outside of combat. Unlike its Saiyan counterpart however, this Mastery still allowed you to win via MPPV, making for very interactive and uninteresting gameplay.

Thanks to the change the Mastery has gone through (making its Rejuv for anger clause matter only during combat), this mastery is still a great option for decks looking to keep multiple paths to victory open. It is certainly not unheard of to see Double or Triple Threat decks sporting this Mastery in the competitive scene, even to this day.

What MPs are good with this Mastery?
With such a limit pool of MPs for this Style, and the fact that every single one of them unlocks more powerful effects the higher up in level they go, every Namekian MP fits right at home within this Mastery.

But here are a few reasons why they make sense.

These MPs are likely:
Cell (either stack): Being able to level quickly to get to his higher levels is crucial.
– Cell Jr: His level 1 is able to search for DBs or the occasional powerful Styled Drill.
– Gohan (any stack): One of the better MPPV choices for the Style.
– Lord Slug: Since he is typically built Double Threat, he fits perfectly here.
– Piccolo (any stack): Great passively powerful MP choice.
– Nail: He’s able to take advantage of the “Ball Bounce” archetype fairly well.

Namekian Restored Mastery

What MPs are good with this Mastery?
The next Mastery presented for the style in Evolution, Restored Mastery is focused more on smoothing out your draws (both in combat and between turns), and does a great job of jumping your MP levels quickly with its 2 anger built-in ability each combat. MPs that focus heavily on getting to their higher levels make more sense with this build, though control decks can also work out well here, since you are able to cycle through unneeded cards.

These MPs are likely:
Piccolo (any stack): Has great control aspects as well as powerful higher levels.
– Cell (any stack): Getting to his higher levels as fast as possible is incredibly important.
– Gohan (any stack): Another great choice for an MPPV build in this style.
– Lord Slug: Able to get to your level 4 faster, ensuring DBV quicker.
–  Cell Jr: His higher levels give your Allies much more utility.

Namekian Radiant Mastery

What MPs are good with this Mastery?
brought us our last Mastery in the cycle thus far with Radiant Mastery. A unique take on the Style as its focus shifts from the Namek Dragon Balls to the Earth set found within the set. On top of this, the Mastery grants an impressive +2 Life Card boost to all your attacks should you have 3 or more Dragon Balls you own in play (not just under your control)! Because of this boost, Energy Beatdown became a more interesting build within this style to compliment that DBV nature of this Mastery, nearly guaranteeing that you are able to recapture any of your Earth Dragon Balls that may fall into your enemy’s possession.

These MPs are likely:
Piccolo (any stack): Turns SBC into an attack that removes threats and crits.
– Cell (Perfection): His level 3 becomes an unpreventable 9LC attack. Pretty devastating.
– Nail: Already an MP interested in LC damage, seems like he should fit well here.
– Lord Slug: A physical beatdown version of this deck here turns into hybrid damage.
– Cell Jr: His level 1 can tutor out 3 different Earth Dragon Balls.

Green With Envy

Thanks for checking out today’s article. Next week we will finish off with the strongest Style currently in the competitive meta, Orange.

Most of you will be no stranger to the power that Orange brings to the table these days, but perhaps breaking it down in this format will help The Dev Team figure out what needs to be done to lower the power slightly or to bring others up to its level.

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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