Theory-crafting 101: A Namekian of a Different Color

Hey everyone!

I have to be honest, today’s TC101 had me stumped for quite some time. I put it on last week’s poll as just a way to save myself from repeating an option I’ve likely already put on it in the past. I really was not expecting this one to win, let alone be voted on haha. I am, however, always willing to step up to the challenge and figure out what an unusual combination has to offer, and I must say, this one doesn’t look all that bad (at least on paper anyways)!

As with most of our TC101 lists, this deck has not been tested and is an exercise on exploring what has yet to be seen inside the current card pool. I encourage any interested in the ideas presented here to test the deck themselves and leave feedback on their findings to help push newer ideas through the gambit to see what potential higher competitive lists may be lurking just out of sight from the tournament norm.

With that, let’s take a look at what I’ve brewed up today for everyone!

The List
MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Cell Jr, Taunting
2 – Cell Jr, On the Move
3 – Cell Jr, Oppressive
4 – Cell Jr, Confident
M – Namekian Restored Mastery

Blocks (12):
3x Namekian Hybrid Defense
3x Namekian Crossed Guard
3x Namekian Flinch
2x Namekian Knee Block
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Allies (8):
3x Cell Jr, Escaping
3x Cell Jr, Unrelenting
1x Turles, Fighter
1x Nappa, Space Traveler

Setups (2):
2x Visiting the Past

Drills (3):
2x Namekian Assistance Drill
1x Namekian Heritage Drill

Dragon Balls (1):
1x Namek Dragon Ball 1

Events (4):
1x Namekian Reinforced Charge
2x Cell Jr’s Surround
1x Villainous Energy Sphere

Energy Attacks (20):
3x Namekian Door Destruction
3x Namekian Maximum Will
3x Namekian Chest Explosion
2x Namekian Resourceful Shot
2x Namekian Electrifying Grab
2x Namekian Mouth Beam
2x Namekian Erasing Blast
2x Overpowering Attack
1x Energetic Left Blast

Physical Attacks (10):
3x Namekian Team Up
3x Namekian Backhand
2x Namekian Clench
2x Namekian Aerial Knee

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

This deck at first glance may seem like a bit of a pile. I’m sure there are a few cards in there you’ll likely have to look up as they are typically used as nothing more than binder fodder or a very colorful drink coaster. But, I think given that this deck has the potential to do some pretty neat things, it’s worth testing the waters and see how much it all can handle at one time.

Cell Jr’s level 1 power to search for any card with a CONSTANT effect and place it into play is definitely not something to ignore. We are able to look for Allies, Drills, and Dragon Balls with this power, and we aim to do just that!

Because we are trying to take advantage of our Level 1 power, we’ve tried to forgo any of Namekian’s extra ways to gain anger during combat (outside of Knee Block) in order to give ourselves enough time to set up. With Turles, Heritage Drill and Namek Dragon Ball 1, the potential for large amounts of hybrid damage is definitely exciting! I personally cannot wait to see just how much Namekian Backhand can hit for in this build.

And with ways to get our Allies and Drills back from our discard or Life Deck, we should be able to ignore any disruption thrown our way. Likewise, with the help of Namekian Assistance Drill, we should be able to actually keep a Cell Jr Ally in our hand (no matter what level we are on) without it feeling awkward.

The Power Is Yours!

Thanks for checking out this week’s crazy dive into the deep-end of Namekian. I hope people give this list a try and let me know what they have found in their testing. I will likely be piloting this one myself to see what all it can do. I think with some fine tuning, we may have stumbled across something truly special here.

As always, please make sure you vote on the poll below. Everyone vote matters, so pick your favorite choice and you just might see it in next week’s article!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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