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Hey everyone!

Today I thought we’d step back into the realm of limitless possibilities and take a look at an idea I mentioned in the State of Namekian article this past Sunday.

In the article, I talk about the extremely limited nature of Namekian’s MP choices and my thoughts on a possible solution to this problem – the creation of a new Style!

Like Saiyan and Namekian, this new Style would be limited by which MPs could be combined with this Style. However, unlike our current Limited Styles, these MPs would host a large array of differing effects, hopefully making each build of this Style uniquely tailored to the MP being used.

This article is going to be an attempt to flesh out this idea further to see what the world could be like with a 7th Style in the game. One that still has limitations to its MPs, but that accommodates a wide variety of strategies and effects to compliment the drastically different MPs associated to the Style.

For those uninterested in walking into the realm of pure speculation and fan creation, we say farewell to you today, but please don’t forget to check out this Sunday’s article on the State of Orange.

For everyone else, it’s time to get in touch with our mystical sides!

Our Theoretical Style: The Mystical Style

When it comes to a Limited Style for the game, very few options jump to mind. Androids and Majin have always been ideas that have bounced around the internet for years now. And while the Majins haven’t introduced themselves to the game yet, the Androids have unfortunately come and gone, making that option unrealistic.

The looming issue with both of these ideas is that they will eventually fall into the same problem that Namekian has fallen into, story-wise. The characters associated with these potential styles will eventually fade into the background as the story progresses, leaving the options for new MPs stagnant or outright impossible outside of Legacy MP choices.

So I thought to myself, “well what opens up the doors like Majins, yet doesn’t share their limitations?” and then it hit me – Make it a Style based around Magic and Spirituality! In doing so, we now have several MPs currently in the game that can fit nicely into this new style right away, and have a huge potential for other MPs as the game progresses, even beyond Z and into GT or Super (depending on where FanZ intends to continue the story).

What Characters Can Use This Style?

The current options for this style already in the game may surprise you. When coming up with the list of characters that could fall within this category, I tried to include any character that have shown mastery over anything spiritual, supernatural, or magical in nature. Likewise, characters that have been enhanced in a supernatural way have been added to this list, as their knowledge of the mystical arts could be increased because of these enhancements (and also to try and give some love to lesser played MPs).

The MPs currently in the game that could use this Mastery:
Garlic Jr – Magical and Immortal.
Gohan – Has his potential unlocked several times through Magic.
Goku – Is able to use God Ki.
Lord Slug – Has eternal youth.
King Kai – Is a Kai and creator of several magical techniques.
Master Roshi – Has near Immortality and knowledge of mystical arts.
Piccolo – Spiritually focused, as well as reconnected with Kami.
Tenshinhan – Spiritually focused and has knowledge of mystical arts.
Turles – Utilizes a magical fruit to gain advantages during battle.
Vegeta – Is able to use God Ki.

Potential Legacy MPs that could use this Mastery:
– Baba – A magical being.
– Chaotzu – Similar to Tenshinhan
– Guru – Spiritual leader of Namek with Magical powers.
– Kami – Spiritual guardian of Earth with Magical powers.
– King Yemma
– King of the Ogres and Judge of the Dead in the other world.
– Korin
– Spiritual and Magical being.
– Mr. Popo – Faithful attendant to Earth’s Guardian.

Potential MPs that could be used with this Mastery in the future:
– Babidi
– Evil wizard.
– Beerus
– Universe 7’s God of Destruction
– Champa
– Universe 6’s God of Destruction
– Dabura
– The King of the Demon Realm and ally to Babidi
– Dende
– The new Guardian of Earth.
– Elder Kai
– Deity and advisor to Supreme Kai
– Janemba
– The living embodiment of evil in humanoid form
– Kabito
– Ally to Supreme Kai
– Majin Buu
– Pure being of Magic
– Tapion
– User of Magical arts to combat the monster Hirudegarn
– Supreme Kai
– Top Spiritual Being of Universe 7
– Supreme West Kai
– Fallen Colleague of Supreme Kai
– Uub
– the heroic reincarnation of Evil Buu
– Vados
– Angelic Attendant to Champa
– Whis
– Angelic Attendant to Beerus
– Zamasu/Goku Black – Warped Kai from Universe 10

– Any other Kais, Characters with God Ki, Gods of Destruction or Angelic Attendant from Dragon Ball Super.


As you can see, there are a ton of options present for this new Style. We haven’t even dipped our toes into GT (though, to be fair, I know much less about that storyline) should that be the continuation instead of Super!

The nice thing about this Style and the characters that could use it, is there is a nice blend of heroes and villains, as well as characters who have very different techniques and outlooks on the world around them, making each MP feel as though they are walking a completely different path to victory within the style!

What Would This Style Be About?

The important part of introducing a new style into the game, especially so late into its design, is that it can tread lightly into the territory of other Styles, but shouldn’t blatantly step on its toes. Since most of the Styles in the game already have their core concepts fairly locked in at this point, we have to make sure that what we are presenting is both interesting and unique in its approach to the game.

So let’s take a look at a few different possibilities that could be combined for a completely new style for the game, without feeling to closely connected to the other Styles already established.

Ideas borrowed from other Styles:
Dragon Balls Matter: As these are mystical items, it only makes sense for this style.
Events Matter: Like Namekian and Black, this style will promote powerful Events.
Setups Matter: While Blue and Orange have several cards that deal with these, this style                                  will have a much higher appreciation for these one-time use effects.
Leveling/MPPV: Since many of the characters involved with this style have used                                                 techniques to unlock their potenial, leveling (by any means) should be                                       available.
Decent Endurance: Having the ability to sustain ourselves in battle even through                                                 devastating assaults.

New Ideas for this Style:
Hybrid Attack Based: We haven’t really seen a Style that promotes physical and energy                                               attacks equally within the same deck before now!
Attachments Matter: Using attachments rather than drills to display our techniques we                                               have to increase our MPs battle prowess.
Attachment Hate: Our understanding for enhancing ourselves helps us determine and                                           dismantle our opponent’s enhancements on themselves or hindrances                                       on ourselves.
Modifier Negation: Being able to understand the outside interference on our and our                                             opponent’s attacks during battle to level the playing field.

This Style’s Weaknesses:
No Board Control: You read that correctly; this style will have no way to actively remove                                  your opponent’s board from play, though you can interact with it.
No Stage Gain: Should our opponent be playing a Stage lock style of deck, our only real                                    outs to this would be leveling or ending combat.
Little to No Rejuv: There likely will be some small amount of Rejuv, as we are a magical                                  based Style, similar to Namekian, but we are not as good as they are at it.

Style Templating

Here’s a small glimpse at what the Style could look like, in card form:

What Lies Out Beyond The Reach of Man…

Thanks for checking out our discussion for today. I think that, if nothing else, this has been a great exercise to prove that newer options still exist within the realm of the game that can help fix some of the issues within the color pie, without completely throwing out what Styles already have set up.

If you guys would like me to dive deeper into this topic with a Part II that goes into actual card design and mechanics within the Style, please let me know in the poll below.

Don’t forget to vote in this week’s TC101 poll as well. You just might see the deck you want as our next article!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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