Player Requested Style Discussion Part III: The State of Orange

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother’s Day! I know I personally got to spend the day enjoying the Magic Pro Tour Top 8 since my family lives in a different state. However you spent your day, hopefully you let those special ladies in your life know that you appreciate them!

Alright, so today’s article is the final portion of our Player Requested Style Discussion! We’ll have made it through all 6 styles by the end of this; What A Feat!

Today’s article is on the best competitive Style currently in the meta – Orange! With some of the best tools in the game for nearly every kind of effect, there’s really a lot going on in this Style. Likely too much to really dive into in a single article. But we’ll give it a try!

So without further ado….

It’s Broken!! 

Alright well thanks for checking in this week! We hope you enjoyed…

Oh, you wanted an actual look at Orange? But why? Don’t you want to feel better playing some of the more interesting Styles? We looked at so many other ones already…

No? Alright Fine!

Let’s take a serious look at what makes this Style tick, what its different Masteries can do, and what MPs work well with them.

Although you should really take a look at some of the others….just saying.

Orange’s Over-All Strengths

Drills Matter
When you think of Orange, there is a really, really, REALLY high chance that the first thing you are going to think about with the Style is just how many incredibly good and diverse drills it has. With the most drills in the game for a particular Style, Orange has got what you need, no matter what the effect might be. And, with a number of powerful ways to place your drills into play during combat, playing a higher drill number is still relatively safe!

There was once a period where Orange had a fairly difficult time leveling through anger. While it was given a few ways to level otherwise (Orange Devouring Drill immediately comes to mind), anger was more of a slow burn for the style. These days however, Orange is nearly the fastest style in the game when it comes to leveling. An argument could be made that Red, Saiyan or Namekian could be slightly better, but with the raw consistency in the Style these days (Retribution Mastery, Orange Eruption, Orange Fierce Attack, etc), it’s really hard to deny that Orange can just do it better.

Energy Beatdown
Orange has always been a Style that focuses heavily on Energy Attacks. With some of – if not the most- hard-hitting Energies in the game, your opponent could find their Life Deck dwindling quickly if they are not prepared for your barrage of bolts. On top of dealing large amounts of damage, their energy attacks also feature a decent variety of powerful effects to keep your MP pressuring your opponent as best they can.

Physical Beatdown
Energy Attacks not your thing? Well don’t worry! Over the past few sets, Orange has also had a large push for their Physical Beatdown strategy as well. With two different damage modifying drills for Physical Attacks, on top of the Adept Mastery and a few other notable cards to consider (Orange Dressing Room for example), your opponent could find themselves Stage Locked with a single attack if they aren’t careful!

Minor Themes in Orange
– High Endurance
– Powerful Events
– Stage Gain
– Rejuvenation
– Crits (DBV potential?)

This Style really can do it all…and with very little difficulty in truth.

Orange Adaptive Mastery

The first Mastery for this Style, from Premium Set, is Orange Adaptive Mastery. With a built-in +1 Life Card of damage for all your Energy Attacks, the ability to keep your Drills in play whenever you change levels (up or down!), and the ability to grab a Drill from your discard should you have crit your opponent in combat, this Mastery feels like it does a ton!

What MPs are good with this Mastery?
Adaptive is a solid choice for any MP that is looking to change levels often throughout the game while still trying to maintain a board state. While the +1 LC for energy attacks is a great bonus as well, don’t feel like you have to be shoehorned into playing them just to play this Mastery. Any deck that is just trying to build a large board state will be able to take advantage of this Mastery, even if they end up being Physical based or more passive.

These MPs are likely:
– Yamcha: A great energy based MP that can stay safe against most physical onslaughts!
– Android 20: A more methodical, controlling build looking to punish your opponent.
– Krillin: Being able to crit with Destructo Disk on command from turn 1 is a good thing.
– Goku (any stack): No matter what combination of levels, Goku’s Search fits here great!
– Vegeta (Awakening): Able to turn the LC Damage up a notch with all the buffs in style!

Orange Adept Mastery

The second mastery presented to us by Evolution was Orange Adept Mastery. This mastery sort of turns Adaptive on its head. Giving all of your attacks (energy or physical) +1 Stage of damage, as well as a hit effect for one of your successful Styled Attacks that lets you search for a Constant Drill and place it into play, as long as you control two or less drills at the time. While this Mastery choice doesn’t allow you to keep all of your drills when you level, it does let you pick a drill in your discard pile to Rejuvenate, allowing you to search for it later with a successful styled attack!

What MPs are good with this Mastery?
MPs looking to do Stage Damage are typically found within this Mastery. While it is true that Adept is more of the Black Sheep of the three choices, there are still a number of decks that can abuse the physical damage buffs.

These MPs are likely:
– Broly: Unleashed Orange Dressing Room Broly can be a huge beating fast!
– Turles: Like Broly, but less dependent on leveling to dish out the unpreventable damage.
– Gohan (Awakening): With all attacks being Styled, drills should be no problem to get!
– Android 17 (Celestial): Being able to punish your opponent in a number of ways here.
– Android 13: Has a physical attack on every level, making stage lock fairly easy here.

Orange Retribution Mastery

The final Mastery given to us by Awakening is likely the best Mastery in the game. I’m not sure if that is even debatable at this point! Orange Retribution Mastery really does it all, and in style. Starting the game with a non-Constant Drill means you are already primed to go against any sort of threat. Like Adept Mastery, you won’t be able to keep your drills when you level, but you are given the choice to shuffle them all into your Life Deck instead of discarding them, which is pretty nuts! On top of all this, you are also given the power to raise your anger up to 2 levels, make your next Styled attack this combat cost 0 stages, and (if for some reason that wasn’t enough already) if you have leveled this turn you can search your deck for any Styled drill and place it into play.

Utter insanity and value wrapped up neatly into a single card and haunting many players nightmares since its introduction.

What MPs are good with this Mastery?
Honestly, every MP in the game is good with this Mastery. Even if you don’t want to level, being able to start the game with a free drill and make one of your attacks free during combat might just be good enough on their own. Though really every MP wants to get to some higher level at some point, even if it’s just to level 2. If you aren’t sure what Mastery could go well with a particular MP you want to play, just try it here. You’ll love it. I nearly guarantee it.

These MPs are likely:
– Trunks (any stack): Trunks has seen a lot of popularity recently and loves to level!
– Gohan (Awakening): Can nearly level from 1 to 4 in a single combat if the tides are right.
– Master Roshi: Hope you enjoy winning by MPPV, cause it’s going to happen here!
– Pikkon: Can dish out a ton of damage in his upper levels and has great Rejuv.
– Anyone: Seriously, just put them in this deck and watch it do well. You’re welcome!

A Look to the Future

With East Kai just two weeks away, which Style do you see yourself playing at the event? With so much we’ve discussed over the last few months with our Style discussions, there is a lot to think about!

I know I am personally excited to see how East Kai turns out in comparison to North Kai. With a higher density of competitive players still playing FanZ on the East Coast, it’s looking to be the bigger of the Kai events for the year!

Only time will tell, but I look forward to doing my East Kai Breakdown once the dust has settled!

That’s All Folks!

Thanks for checking out the article for today! Hopefully you now have a better understanding for the 6 styles and what makes them tick. I can’t wait to see what happens with the styles as we move into the future. While Set 9, Legends, is looking to be a typical Movie Style set (like 3 & 6), hopefully Set 10 will introduce us to even more Masteries and archetypes to explore moving into the Buu Saga and onward!

If that’s the case, I’ll make sure to do a breakdown for the State of the new Masteries if/when they are released, to keep everyone up to date! But that’s quite some time away. For now let’s look forward to some sweet, sweet Bardock on Chilled violence in our near future!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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