Theory-crafting 101: Tiny Fists of Fury!

Hey everyone!

Today’s TC101 is again a list I wasn’t particularly expecting to do well on the poll, but I’m actually kind of glad it did! After playing a few games with the deck, it actually feels like a pretty fun take on your typical Red Deck, but we’ll get into that shortly.

Today’s list is on everyone’s favorite reigning World Champion – Mr. Satan! I mean Hercule,  I guess. It’s Mr. Satan!

The List

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Hercule, Champion
2 – Hercule, Posing
3 – Hercule, Guarded
4 – Hercule, In Action
M – Red Ascension Mastery

Blocks (13):
3x Red Blocking Hand
3x Red Resourceful Block
3x Red Energy Defensive Stance
3x Red Brace
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Setups (8):
3x Red Destiny
3x Red Relaxation
2x Visiting the Past

Events (5):
3x Red Blazing Aura
1x Red Observation
1x Red Antidote

Physical Attacks (34):
3x Red Driving Knee
3x Red Pound
3x Red Chop
3x Red Double Strike
3x Red Mule Kick
3x Red Tandem Attack
3x Red Sword Stab
2x Red Heel Kick
2x Red Burning Stance
2x Red Furious Lunge
1x Red Lightning Slash
3x Devastating Blow
2x Heroic Dashing Punch
1x Hercule’s Dynamite Kick

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

The first few things that may pop into your mind about this list could very well be:
1) “Why only 1 Dynamite Kick?”
2) “Where’s Jimmy Firecracker?!?”
3) “That seems like a lot of defensive cards, don’t you think?”

So let’s try and break these down, to better understand what is going here with this build.

1) While Hercule’s Dynamite Kick is certainly an interesting card in its own right, the perfectly honest truth is, we don’t really need to see it all that often in this deck. We can tutor it out in our early levels to try and set up some stage gain to trigger the few cards in our list that care about that; but other than those cases, it really doesn’t do much outside of being kind of an awkward card. And seeing as this is an MPPV list (as most Hercule decks really should be IMHO), we really don’t want to see it once we hit level 4, as it will set our plan backwards far too much. Though it is still a nice tool to have should we find ourselves in an anger war against our opponent.

2) Jimmy just isn’t really needed in this build. We don’t want to devote space in our deck to non-styled cards that don’t do something significant for us right away, and since Red has 0 ways of recurring Allies naturally, we’re just going to go ahead and leave him on the sidelines for this one and let the champ do his thing in the ring solo-style.

3) With the exception of Resourceful Block, each one of our defensive cards gains us anger. Even our Setup and Event that reduce damage gain us anger. In fact, when it comes down to it, there are only 6 cards in our entire deck that can’t gain us anger (unless we are on level 3, in which case Dynamite Kick can too!). Speaking of Blazing Aura and Destiny, you know what really makes your anger safe? Being on Level 2 with one of these active. Or better yet, being on Level 3 where their modifiers are doubled and our opponent can’t crit our anger! Talk about value.

One thing to note about this deck, is that it is really a glass cannon. You do one thing and one thing well, and that’s blitz up levels and keep yourself safe. But combat isn’t all fun and games in this deck. Don’t go blindly calling without a game plan, as you will have no way to get out of combat if things get hairy. Don’t be afraid to build a board state before jumping in. The closer you get to Level 3 in a single combat, the better your chances are at winning. So really take the opportunity to sculpt your hand and find the perfect critical mass of anger. Should your opponent call on you, you have a pretty resilient package of cards to stop them from doing anything you don’t really care for. Gaining stages should be no problem early, and taking damage should be even less worrisome once you hit Level 3, as they won’t be able to crit your anger away (on top of the blanketed defense we talked about above).

Another cool thing to consider about this list, is you can out of nowhere convert into a heavy damage dealer on Level 3. With all of your attacks dealing +2 damage (+1 from your level, then having it doubled) naturally, plus whatever modifiers may already be on your attacks (Furious lunge turns into an impressive AT+10 attack on this Level!), you might just flat out inflict enough pain to make your opponent worried to call against you until you are able to jump to Level 4. Level 4 can be your trickiest obstacle with this list though, as you open yourself back up to any hate your opponent may have waiting for you. So be careful.

All in all, this is actually a pretty fun and lighthearted MPPV deck with an MP that most people will look at and think “Ok this one should be easy.” And honestly, that false sense of security is exactly what you are hoping for here!

The Power Is Yours!

Alright everyone, thanks again for checking out this week’s TC101 article. As always, please make sure to vote in the poll below, as you just might see your choice featured in next week’s article!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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