East Kai Personal Event Breakdown (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Meta)

Hey everyone! Remember Me???

Having taken a quick break between East Kai and now to visit some friends where I used to live in Charlottesville, VA, I have finally returned to my PC and am able to update the blog once again! So let’s get right into it:

East Kai was a good day to be Saiyan Broly. It was not, however, a good day to be Resolute Broly.

For those of you curious how my personal experience for the event was, here is a quick run down of the event for me. I’ll warn you ahead of time though, it’s a real tear-jerker.

Before beginning my breakdown I want to make a quick shout-out to Matt Coombs, Thomas Engel and Josh Thomas. Without their help, I would not have made it to New Jersey or had a place to stay during the event. You guys are truly great and I’m glad to have you all as close friends!

As well, I want to thank The Comic Book Store for being a great venue for the event! They really knew how to put on an event, giving out a bunch of door prizes and being genuinely friendly and positive people for everyone involved. If you are in the Glassboro, NJ area, do yourself a solid and go check them out!

With that heartfelt sentiment out of the way, let’s head into East Kai!

Before the Event

After walking around and meeting several people from Retro in person, I decide to look around and see what the event is looking like. To my surprise, I see very little Goku and Orange, and a surprising amount of Saiyan and Gohan.

I came into the event thinking about running a Blue Resolute Frieza Ball list that Matt Coombs and I had brewed up during our testing from the week prior, but with so much Namekian and Saiyan I start to have my doubts, as there will be a large amount of crits and crit effects flying around throughout the day.

After thinking about my options (I had brought 4 decks with me: Blue Resolute Frieza, Blue Resolute Broly, Orange Retribution Vegeta and Black Conflict Pikkon), I decide on playing the Blue Resolute Broly list I had with me. It was the deck I had the best testing with and the most games under my belt leading up to the event. Not to mention the match up seems pretty favorable against the Gohan lists floating around the room.

Round One vs Wayne Bettis (Blue Resolute Broly)

First and foremost, I have to say, if you haven’t had the chance to play against Wayne or pick his brain about the meta, you are truly missing out. He is a genuine treat to talk with and one of the best people I’ve had the privilege of meeting through the game.

Case in point, we have both decided on our own that Blue Resolute Broly is a solid choice for the event. Already a check in my book for good judgment calls. However, this is certainly not a match I am excited to play, as it really comes down to a coin flip. Whoever gets the first combat in their favor is likely going over.

In true fashion, Wayne gets the early upper-hand, landing a sphere on my Unleashed attempt first combat and landing an early I’ll Dig Your Grave! to push some solid damage through. The match turns into a slug-fest for the next few turns, and while we have a true “DBZ!” moment of playing a sphere on his sphere to protect my Time is a Warrior’s Tool, in the end the game goes to Wayne, though I do pride myself on bridging the gap to under a dozen cards before all is said and done.

My Record: 0-1

After our match, we play another game with two of his decks: Black Conflict Vegeta vs Namekian Radiant Lord Slug. Both decks were incredibly tuned, and we discussed the merit of running them in the event itself, but ultimately he felt more comfortable with the Broly choice. Unfortunately for us, it wouldn’t really pan out in either of our favors, as Wayne ends the day on 3-3. Perhaps Vegeta would have been the better choice?

I suppose we’ll never really know.

Round Two vs Kevin Curtis (Namekian Knowledge Cell)

Kevin is sporting the Awakening Cell levels for his stack, which right away lets me know that this is going to be a grindy game from turn one. And I find out quickly that I’m not wrong.

Kevin jumps to level 2 rather early and I slowly start to get milled out of the game. While Kevin is running the full 7 Namek Dragon Balls, Broly’s power isn’t able to banish one until late in the game, doing me no real favors.

Cell gets to do wacky Ally Cell things, and the over-all mill power of the deck is just too much for me. The game ends up in Kevin’s favor.

My Record: 0-2

One of the big concerns I’m noticing about my matches so far is the fact that I’m having a much harder time leveling than I originally expected. Both rounds so far I have been stuck on Level 1, making my games pretty one-sided in my opponents’ favors. Somehow these issues did not present themselves during testing, and I’m beginning to wonder if I should have included some more anger into my list to make up for having my copies of Unleashed or I’ll Dig Your Grave! milled into my discard.

Round Three vs Ryan O’ Malley (Red Ascension A19)

I find myself sitting next to Wayne and his opponent this round, Alex Sabott. All 3 of us have our eyes light up when we see my opponent is rocking a Red Ascension A19 deck. Wayne makes the comment “How am I expected to pay attention to my match when all I want to know is what is going on in this deck?” and I could not agree more!

A19 has always been an idea I’ve wanted to mess with in the back of my mind, and honestly, with the meta being so Energy-heavy, he seems like a really great choice for the event. Unfortunately for Ryan, I find out after our match that he has decided not to run any of A19’s Named cards in favor of some other choices. While I’m all for playing to your strengths, I think that A19’s Energy Absorption could have been the sleeper tech card that could have taken the event by storm! Being able to turn off immediate effects from energy attacks such as Saiyan Tracking Blast (no attaching for you!) or Namekian Maximum Will (I’ll keep my anger, thanks) might have been incredible plays. Not to mention the interaction with Red Downward Burst to return your Energy Absorptions to reuse them! Man, just thinking about this makes me wish I would have tested this before the event!

While Ryan is able to jump to Level 2 fairly quickly, I am able to land a Blue Knee to knock him back down and from that point forward I have a pretty hard lock on our match. By the end of the match I am on Level 3, and after a huge I’ll Dig Your Grave! turn, the game ends in my favor.

My Record: 1-2

Round Four vs Pedro Gonzalez (Saiyan Empowered Gohan)

This is the round the dream died, and it by no means has anything to do with Pedro. He was a wonderful opponent to play against, and I think his approach to Saiyan Gohan (playing Awakening 1-3, and Future Gohan 4) was something truly innovative for the current meta. My play ability this round, however, is virtually non-existent. It is very possible that you could have walked over to our table and thought “Oh, someone brought their friend that has never played the game before. That’s pretty cool.” You would have never guessed I had any understanding for how triggers work in this game had you seen the sad display put on by myself at this point in the event.

Some highlights from our match include:
– We missed Rejuvenating Pedro’s Saiyan Crouch until near the end of the first combat.
– I forget to trigger my Broly Level 1 power when Pedro levels to 2, having him gain 5 free stages.
– I Unleashed after a Saiyan Severing Punch, allowing me to tutor an attach card but nothing else. (When I really need to level and delevel him)
– I forget to trigger the Blue Rebuke I tutor with my poorly timed Unleashed, and have it banished by Gohan’s Level 3 power.

Clearly today was not meant to be my day for Dragon Ball Z. I end up dropping this round and deciding that Lunch and some self-reflection is much needed at this point in the day.

Final Record: 1-3 😦

Thoughts After the Event

Luckily, my poor showing in the event did not discourage me from thinking about the event as a whole afterwards. After talking with a few other players, mostly Wayne, Alex, and the group mentioned in the beginning of my article, we come to the conclusion that MPs like A19 and A20 might have actually been a great choice on the day. With so few people prepared for Energy-based decks and having little Energy-based defenses themselves, both these Androids may have snuck past most people’s radars had they had a bigger presence.

Likewise, I feel like the Black Conflict Vegeta list Wayne brought with him or a modified version of my Black Conflict Pikkon list might have done some serious damage. While Wayne’s list was much more proactive, dishing out tons of damage and dictating the flow of combat, the slower more Rejuv-heavy Pikkon list I was sporting might have been able to put up a much better fight against a large amount of the field I faced throughout the day.

As a whole, I’m very pleased to see that Josh Duquette pulled out the win with his Saiyan Empowered Broly, and look forward to seeing the Black Styled Card he ends up putting together with The Dev Team.

That’s All She Wrote

And that’s it for my personal breakdown of the East Kai event! With that out of the way, be prepared for a barrage of other content to come out over the next several days, including several TC101 lists and a more in-depth breakdown of the East Kai meta.

It’s good to be back!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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