Theory-crafting 101: Can’t Touch This

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the second of three TC101 articles for today!

As a reminder, the final article in the group will have a special TC101 poll for next week that you are not going to want to miss out on!

But before we get to all that, let’s take a look at our most defensive of the three lists today, Blue Protective Pikkon!

The List

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Pikkon, Hero of the West
2 – Pikkon, New Rival
3 – Pikkon, Fighting Stance
4 – Pikkon, Prized Fighter
M – Blue Protective Mastery

Blocks (14):
3x Blue Guard
2x Blue Brace
2x Blue Narrow Escape
3x Blue Deterrence
3x Pikkon’s Hyper Tornado
1x Time Is A Warrior’s Tool

Setups (9):
3x Blue Dominance
2x Blue Blockade
2x Blue Ki Build Up
2x Visiting The Past

Drills (6):
1x Blue Release Drill
1x Blue Biting Drill
1x Blue Mental Drill
1x Blue Positioning Drill
1x Blue Lifting Drill
1x Blue Escaping Drill

Events (4):
2x Confrontation
2x Heroic Energy Sphere

Energy Attacks (10):
3x Blue Neck Beam
2x Blue Ki Ball
2x Blue Arm Blast
3x Pikkon’s Thunder Flash

Physical Attacks (17):
3x Blue Betrayal
3x Blue Slash
3x Blue Head Knock
2x Blue Smug Punch
2x Blue Decapitation
2x Android Arm Breaker
2x Wall Breaker

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

The key to this deck is to think slow and steady. We are designed to be a very grindy and controlling deck. While we are capable of dealing out decent amounts of damage. The big thing for us here, is that we are able to withstand or deny even more damage.

We are definitely a Blue Dominance deck here. Once we reach level 2, we get to really put the chokehold on our opponent’s offense, Rejuving 3 a turn and converting their next attack to 0 damage. On top of this, with so much anger hate, if we are able to keep our opponent locked on level one, Blue Escaping Drill allows for even more rejuvenation each combat whenever we lower their anger.

Another interesting addition to this deck is Blue Releasing Drill. Having the ability to reset all attached cards, while possibly resetting our own Wall Breaker or Android Arm Breaker, can be crippling for decks looking to Unleashed multiple levels in a single shot, or take advantage of cards like Saiyan Rescue or Red Trailing Blast. It can even get rid of our opponent’s own Android Arm Breaker that may be keeping us from using Blue Dominance! Not to mention it adds another point of anger hate each combat we are able to tap into. With this on top of our Mastery, our opponent realistically needs 8 anger in order to actually level against us in a single combat! Something a lot of decks would really struggle for, to say the least.

One More to Go!

With our first two lists down, we only have the big man himself left to talk about today.

Again, don’t forget to check out the poll at the end of our next article in order to vote on and add the deck ideas you’d like to see discussed in next week’s TC101.

If this version of the vote is popular, it may become the norm moving forward. So let your voice be heard!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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