Set 9 Preview: Say Hello to My Little Friend…

Hey everyone!

It’s that special time of year again where we get to talk about sweet new cards and speculate how they are going to impact the meta as we know it!

That’s right, Preview Season is upon us for the new upcoming set, Legends, and I have the joy to unveiling a new Ally that is sure to mix things up a bit!

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at Saibamen, Little Green Ghouls!

The Stats

So right away this card doesn’t seem like much of a mover or shaker at face value. This card certainly isn’t going to win any first impression contests sitting in A Bracket for nearly its entire Level before jumping to B on its final stage (something that our poor friend Yamcha just can’t seem to do on his Level 1, I might add).

But it’s seldom the power level of an Ally that matters, but the meat of the card itself. So what exactly do we have with this Ally?

Well, right off jump we see that being a Saiyan “Underdog” is going to really unlock the potential of this card, allowing you to play 3 of them in your deck and have them use their powers whenever it’s advantageous. Already a pretty solid start for any Nappa, Turles or Raditz player!

Saibamen’s power is also a pretty interesting one, sporting a Physical Attack that not only banishes the top card of your opponent’s discard as a secondary action, but also can deal out damage in the form of 2 Life cards or 2 stages.

“Well that doesn’t seem like a whole lot!” I hear some of you saying to yourselves. Ah, but isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at the personalities we are talking about again.

Saibamen in Nappa Builds

Nappa loves him some stage damage. Not only does he love him some stage damage, he also loves him some non-AT stage damage in Saiyan Clench builds!

Just think, with Vegeta Ally in play and a Saiyan Clench attached, your Saibamen is dishing out 8 stages of damage whenever you want it. If you happen to be sporting a Tree of Might as well, this jumps up to an impressive 12 stages! And you can have up to 3 of them in play at once! Mercy me, that’s a lot of damage!

Saibamen in Raditz Builds

Saibamen make for an interesting addition to Raditz. Since his level 1 already deals Life Cards of damage, we may see a build that tries to capitalize on the amount of Life Card poke available to Kakarot’s older brother.

In a Blue Resolute build, for example, we could find ourselves doing +2 Life Cards of damage rather easily with the Mastery and Blue Lifting Drill. Add 3 Saibamen to the list (a feat rather easy for Blue to pull off with all its Ally tutoring), and suddenly that is the potential for 4 Life cards a Saibamen on top of the 3 Life Cards from Raditz’s attack, without spending a single stage or card out of your hand! In fact, Raditz’s power gives you another card to use!

I’m smelling value already here!

Saibamen in Turles Builds

Turles is a little awkward with the Saibamen. Unless we put them in the same Saiyan Clench list like we did with Nappa, they feel a bit out of place in any Turles list that is trying to camp level one.

However, if we were to play them in a list that is looking to level, perhaps in an Adept list which plays Unleashed (or dare I say it, Turles’ Fruit!), suddenly we could be entering a whole new level of pain for our opponent!

With the ability to have Adept Mastery giving us +1 stage, and Joint Restraint granting +2 stages, AND Turles’ level 3 granting +3 stages to all of our attacks and not allowing for prevention of any kind, suddenly our little green men could be pushing upwards of 8 stages a piece with no prevention!

Now couple that with Disaster Drill and Dressing Rooms pumping your Styled Attacks, and suddenly your opponent is in a ton of trouble!

I’ve Always Considered Myself a bit of a Green Thumb

Hopefully this has given you some “food for thought” when it comes to our planted friends! I know that I personally can’t wait to see what I can pull off with these devious little men.

Only time will tell if there is more in store to help some of these strategies mentioned above. With so much more to look forward to in Legends, the sky is truly the limit!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!



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