Theory-crafting 101: All Eyes on Me

Hey everyone!

Welcome to this week’s addition of TC101!

Unfortunately, the “enter your own deck idea” didn’t do much better than our normal 6 Styled choices for the weekly poll, so we’re going to shelve that for now. It might make its return again at some point, but for now, we’re going to go back to our normal polling methods for the foreseeable future.

But we’re not here to talk about polls, we’re here to talk about the galactic emperor himself, Frieza!

The List

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Frieza, Resident of HFIL
2 – Frieza, Golden
3 – Frieza, Galatic Conquerer
4 – Frieza, Revived
M – Blue Resolute Mastery

Blocks (13):
3x Blue Deterrence
3x Blue Guard
2x Blue Narrow Escape
2x Blue Shifting Manuever
2x Frieza’s Arrogance
1x Time Is A Warrior’s Tool

Allies (2):
1x Captain Ginyu – Aggressive
1x King Cold – Caught Off Guard

Setups (2):
2x Visiting The Past

Events (4):
2x Villainous Energy Sphere
2x Overwhelming Power

Energy Attacks (10):
3x Blue Clash
2x Blue Blanketing Blasts
2x Blue Neck Beam
3x Frieza’s Supernova

Physical Attacks (29):
3x Blue Betrayal
3x Blue Head Knock
3x Blue Slash
3x Blue Head Kick
2x Blue Slide
2x Blue Decapitation
2x Blue Easy Knee
2x Blue Round Throw
2x Blue Vehicle Destruction
2x Blue Face Crunch
3x Frieza’s Captive Strike
2x Android Arm Breaker

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

I’ve seen a lot of Frieza lists of late focusing on trying to be a DBV deck; and while Frieza certainly has the desire for immortality, I think this week we are going to try and focus on the more brutal aspect of his nature.

This list is trying to focus on being a mixed bag of damage to try and keep your opponent on his toes. While the majority of the list consists of Physical Attacks, being a blend of stage and life card damage may make your opponent concerned as to what they can really afford to take and what might be lurking in our hand waiting to strike.

The nice thing about being Frieza these days is the fact that you basically get to play starting on his Golden Level 2 with a slightly more streamlined list of cards, thanks to his new Level 1 removing his irrelevant Named Cards until later in the game, when they become much more detrimental for our opponent. And while we aren’t taking full advantage of having a Crit effect on command on Level 2 like the DB version of the deck, we will be happy to keep our opponent on edge knowing that their Allies, DBs and anger are never safe if we decide to focus on them.

With only 4 cards in the entire deck that need to be played outside of combat (and two of which we could get thanks to Frieza’s Arrogance during combat), we hope to keep the pressure on our opponent as much as possible, and take advantage of any edge we can get over them.

The Power Is Yours!

And that’s all for this week’s list.

With only 11 days left until Legends full release, only time will tell what decks may be waiting for us to explored for future TC101 lists.

But while we wait, we still have one more list to make before the meta gets turned on its head. So make sure to vote below on what you’d like to see for our last Set 8 meta list!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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