Set 9 Preview: Black Rares Matter

Hey everyone!

Today we have the joy of checking out yet another preview for Legends, which releases July 1st!

So without wasting any time, let’s get right into Black Trick Shot!

What Is This Card Good At?

Well right off jump we see that the card is certainly an interesting take on anger hate. While lowering your opponent’s anger 1 level right away is nice, this card puts a major damper on leveling (for either player) until the start of your next turn. Lowering your opponent’s anger 1 level every time they raise it is definitely something that I feel a lot of Black decks will be happy to receive.

And it’s not just until the end of combat, but until the start of your next turn! So this card can stop anger from Red Ascension Mastery at the end of combat; can stop anger from Saiyan Empowered Mastery if your opponent rejuvenates a Styled card during their Rejuvenation step; it can even stop anger from playing Dragon Balls like Earth Dragon Ball 3Namek Dragon Ball 3 or Namek Dragon Ball 5 during the planning step of your opponent’s next turn.

That is a lot of power behind a single card.

Black Conflict Mastery based decks will love adding this card to their roster as well. Thanks to the fact its damage can’t be prevented or modified, it guarantees critical damage should your opponent be unable to stop it. This Mastery has been having a rough time finding its place in the current meta. But now that there are a few extra ways to try and guarantee crits up its sleeve, I’m very interested to see where it might wind up on people’s radars.

And since the card makes sure a Crit is going to happen on hit with the Mastery, it virtually adds another “lower your opponent’s anger 1 level” to this card should your opponent be unable to block it, making it feel a bit sweeter.

What Is This Card Bad At?

The first big potential eye sore with this card is the fact that it forces you under the same blanketing effect you place your opponent under.

Black has been rather notorious lately for having issues with leveling. Most of Black’s 2-anger generating cards have seen less play over time. Now this certainly may not be the case moving forward, as the meta is looking to promote the use of cards like Black Combo, Black Dash, and Black Schematics again, so time will really tell just how much or how little this is a detriment to the card’s health.

Speaking of 2-anger generating cards, since this card only lowers the player’s anger 1 level, instead of the amount they gained, you are able to burst through this effect if the stars align correctly, or if you just so happen to have a card like Red Antidote on the right board state.

Likewise, if gaining 2 anger from a single effect pushes you up a level before the trigger to lower your anger, this floating effect does virtually nothing. And while it can stop you from gaining random anger here and there, if it can’t stop you from leveling, this card is going to be in serious trouble.

The argument for not having Endurance could certainly be made here, but I feel as though the card is strong enough on its own to not have to piggy-back off needing Endurance to make it playable.

Another awkward, though not necessarily bad thing, about this card is that it really doesn’t bring anything to the table to Black Perceptive Mastery based decks looking to increase their anger hate. While it gets the same immediate effect just like Conflict decks, it will be fighting for space in an already tight deck list looking for destroy effects.

The last minor downside to this card is that it is Banish After Use. Now Black is certainly not the style known to have a lot of anger hate, and this card could certainly be a powerhouse if it were reusable. But it is a bit of a let down seeing BAU on this card since Black has been steadily gaining recursion effects throughout the course of the game. And since they all add the cards back to your deck in one fashion or another, instead of adding it directly to your hand, I feel like this was a missed opportunity to give those kind of recursion effects a sweet target to reload over and over.

I Was Feeling Angry, But I Forget Why Now

And that’s it for this preview!

Thanks for checking out today’s article and don’t forget to vote in the TC101 poll from last Tuesday’s article. This will be the last TC101 sporting set 8 meta decks, so let your voice be heard before its all changed!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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