Theory-crafting 101: Going Out with a Bang


Hey everyone!

Today’s TC101 is our final look at the Set 8 Celestial Tournament meta!

So what better way to send it off than with an aggressive Red Deck! Let’s take a look.

The List

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Goku, Super Saiyan God
2 – Goku, Kaio-ken Enhanced
3 – Goku, Energy Gatherer
4 – Goku, Selfless
M – Red Ruthless Mastery

Blocks (13):
3x Red Energy Shield
2x Red Blocking Hand
2x Red Duck
2x Red Capture
3x Red Stop
1x Time Is A Warrior’s Tool

Allies (1):
1x ChiChi – Armed and Dangerous

Setups (5):
3x Red Relaxation
2x Visiting The Past

Drills (6):
1x Red Examination Drill
1x Red Cover Drill
1x Red Dazing Drill
1x Red Maneuvering Drill
1x Red Forward Stance Drill
1x Red Intimidation Drill

Events (2):
2x Goku’s Search

Physical Attacks (33):
3x Red Double Strike
3x Red Face Break
3x Red Lifting Kick
3x Red Power Lift
3x Red Wallop
3x Red Furious Lunge
3x Red Heel Kick
3x Red Leap
3x Red Tandem Attack
2x Red Shattering Leap
2x Red Back Bash
2x Red Stomach Dive

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

So this deck is trying to just pound your opponent into submission as fast as possible.

With the added card draw of SSG, and the ability to possibly destroy an attack worth triggering your Mastery for, this deck can have a surprising amount of actions per combat.

A nice thing with this list is the addition of Goku’s Search. One of SSG Goku’s biggest weaknesses has always been how fast he tanks brackets as he takes stage damage. With the new ability to gain 5 stages during combat, we are able to gain upwards of +4 stages of damage for each of our attacks if we find ourselves too low for our liking. On top of that, we also get the ability to gain a bit of board presence and rejuvenate 2 cards we’ll be looking for later.

Speaking of the rejuvenation of Goku’s Search, Red Leap becomes a much more interesting tool for this deck. Having the ability to potentially mill it with our MP power and then rejuv it with Goku’s Search, we are able to set up scenarios where each combat our attacks can deal at least +2 stages and +2 life cards, with the potential for more!

All-in-all the main focus of the deck is to just capitalize on being as aggressive as possible. You don’t need to be calling combat every turn with this deck, but each turn you don’t you are giving up a little bit of advantage you get for playing such little board or board control, so try and keep that in mind.

The Power Is Yours!

And with that, we say farewell to Set 8’s meta, and hello to the excitement that is Legends new meta!

Since we are jumping into a new meta, we’ll be resetting the poll and starting with 6 fresh new deck choices. And, as an added bonus, we will be adding an option for each new MP that has been revealed to this week’s poll!

So don’t forget to vote and let’s start of this new meta with something exciting!!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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