First Impressions: Mr. No Chill…

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a bit of a delay, but today we will be going over my first impressions for the tiny ball of fury that is Chilled!

As with the other First Impressions articles, we are going to be breaking down each of his levels, his Named Cards, and I will be presenting a deck list I think can help utilize his unique effects!

Stages into Life Cards into Stages into Life Cards?

Before we dive into Chilled, I wanted to go over the rules clarification that was updated in the latest CRD involving conversion from Stages of Damage to Life Cards.

The biggest thing to note, is that even though many of Chilled’s effects care about dealing Stages of damage, any damage that is converted to Life cards once your opponent has reached 0 stages on their personality WILL STILL COUNT as damage dealt as stages.

One of the examples from the CRD is as follows:

Your MP is at 1 stage above zero and is hit with an attack dealing 6 stages and 4 life cards of damage. Stage damage is dealt first, so you lose one stage. The remaining 5 stages you need to take are now converted into Life Cards of damage. You continue taking these 5 Life cards and find no endurance. Finally you must take the 4 Life cards remaining from the attack itself. The first card you discard has Endurance 3 on it, so you are able to prevent the rest of the attack’s damage by banishing it.

The final count of damage from the attack you took (for purposes of card effects) is 6 Stages and 6 Life Cards, despite some of these stages being converted.

This is incredibly important for Chilled, as many of his levels care about dealing at least 5 stages of damage. Because of this clarification, any stages that are converted to life cards will continue to count as stages of damage; meaning that all of Chilled’s attacks can still trigger these stage requiring effects, even if your opponent’s personality taking the damage is at 0 stages!

With that all cleared up, let’s dive into what Chilled is all about!

Level One

Chilled’s first level is Chilled, Familiar Foe. Sitting at the Standard 2 PUR for his Level One, we see that most of this level will be in C Bracket, with his first stage starting in B & his last stage reaching D Bracket.

Chilled’s big theme that will accompany him throughout his entire stack is the Constant Effect which converts all of your Life Card damage into Stages instead. On top of this, as an Instant Power, if one of your attacks deals 5 or more stages of damage, it is considered to deal Critical Damage and you raise your anger 2 levels! Finally, he has the Power to Rejuvenate 1. You may then draw a card, and if you do, you must discard a card as well.

As far as Level One’s go, this one is pretty terrific. Not only does it give you the ability to crit easier (having only to do 5 stages instead of 5 life cards), but it also grants you 2 anger and the ability to rejuvenate and filter your hand if needed. Chilled is certainly no slouch, it seems!

Level Two

Chilled’s next level is Chilled, Space Pirate. This level is a bit of an oddity as it also sports a 2 PUR, something I don’t believe we have seen as of yet in the game for a Level 2. What makes up for it, however is the fact that his stages are split nicely between 5 stages of C Bracket & 5 stages of D Bracket.

Again we see the “Life cards converted into stages” Constant effect, except this time it also comes with a nice little +1 stage damage bonus for all of your attacks. This level grants us our first attack of the MP stack, giving us a Physical attack which Rejuvenates 1 and is considered to deal Critical Damage if it hits! It has a base of 5 stages, yet thanks to our +1 modifier, it deals an impressive 6 stages base! If it does happen to hit, it will also raise our anger 1 level.

This level is a bit interesting. Having played with the MP a lot recently, I think it is safe to say it is the level you can find yourself trapped on the longest throughout a game. While you will be able to deal additional damage while on the level, the fact that you gain no bonuses from your Critical Damage means that you’ll have to be leveling the honest way this time around.

Level Three

Chilled, Pissed pretty much sums up this next level. Chilled jumps to an impressive 4 PUR from his lowly 2 from the last level. His stages are a pretty standard mix: 3 stages of C Bracket, 6 stages of D & 1 stage of E Bracket.

Again we have our Constant conversion power, but this time we also have the ability to crit with each attack that deals 5 or more stages of damage. Not only that, but we also may raise our anger 1 level each time we deal critical damage! Pissed indeed I would say!

We have yet another Physical Attack on this level. This time around it deals a base 6 stages of damage with no immediate effects. However, should it hit, it will gain us 1 anger (2 really from the constant effect!), Rejuvenate the top 2 cards of our discard pile and allow us to banish a Setup, Drill or Ally our opponent controls!

So this level is definitely Chilled’s best in the bunch. The ability to crit from every attack that deals 5 or more stages is an incredibly powerful tool, on top of the pseudo-Enraged Mastery ability of gaining us an anger if we so choose from each Critical Damage we deal. The hit effect on his built-in attack is also a game changer in the right place, giving you incredibly board and anger control.

Level Four

Finally, his MP stack is rounded out by Chilled, Prophet. His PUR hits the traditional 5 at this level, and his stages again are split: 3 stages of C, 5 stages of D & 2 stages of E bracket.

We continue the trend of having our conversion Constant Power and gain the same “5 or more stages” for a crit clause that we got from our last level. This time however we won’t be able to gain any anger from it. This level also comes with the rather interesting restriction of Hidden Power Drill, capping each personality in play to only 5 stages instead of 10.

Instead of an attack, we are given the Power to gain 3 stages then choose a personality in play to lose 3 stages.

Honestly, this is probably his worst level in the stack. While limiting your opponent’s personalities to only 5 stages, and basically have a PUR of “Go to Full” each turn, you really aren’t able to capitalize on the MPPV strategy that his other levels have helped you with.

Much like his Level 2, we have lost any added bonuses to our critical damage, so while our attacks feel more threatening, since having half the amount of stages makes each count twice as much, we really aren’t going to be able to seal the deal anger-wise on our own. Not to mention the Power on this level just feels really lackluster for a Level 4 power.

Chilled seems to have suffered from the same illness that Garlic Jr has, having much better lower levels with a stack designed to catapult you to your worst. Like Garlic Jr, I wouldn’t recommend jumping to this level unless you are able to end the game quickly!

Named Card #1

Chilled’s first Named Card is Chilled’s Prescience. First off, this Event has an impressive 3 Endurance, already making it feel worth the slots in your deck. It also has the parenthetical text of allowing you to discard this card after a successful attack to draw a card and have that attack be considered to deal critical damage!

The card’s Power itself allows you to Rejuvenate the top 3 cards of your discard pile, then choose a personality in play to lose 3 stages. Not too shabby of a damage swing.

So clearly this card’s parenthetical text is really where it shines. Being able to potential convert it into another aggressive card while allowing you to crit when you otherwise have no business doing so is just fantastic. However, should you find yourself behind, the actual power to rejuvenate 3 and lower a personality 3 stages (which could convert to 3 discarded cards if that personality is already at 0), is definitely nothing to write off either.

All-in-all I think this is a great, versatile tool for Chilled to possess.

Named Card #2

Chilled’s other Named Card is Chilled’s Enraged Volley. Again we see this card has an impressive 2 Endurance on it, pulling its weight both in your hand as well as in your Life Deck.

This time around we are given an Energy Attack costing 1 stage that deals 5 stages of damage. This card also comes with a plethora of immediate effects! First, we Raise our anger 1 level. Next, if our opponent happens to change levels during this combat, they are immediate placed to 0 stages (a la Nappa’s Energized Charge). Finally, whenever you use a critical damage effect this combat, you can choose a personality in play to lose 1 stage.

Oh, and did I mention the hit effect allows it to stay in play to be used a second time this combat? Meaning that critical damage effect buff is able to stack!

With so much on this card, it is no wonder it is Banish After Use!

If played at the right time, this card could spell a world of hurt for your opponent to deal with! Being able to potentially grant you 2 anger (more if you happen to be on Level 1 or 3), with 10 potential damage and 2 potential drains each time you use a Critical Damage Effect. There really is nothing bad to say about this card!

You’ll play it in every Chilled build you run, and you’ll love it every single time!

So with all that to consider, where do we go with Chilled? Well, let’s take a look:

Initial Deck Concept

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Chilled, Familiar Foe
2 – Chilled, Space Pirate
3 – Chilled, Pissed
4 – Chilled, Prophet
M – Red Ascension Mastery

Blocks (13):
3x Red Determination
3x Red Blocking Hand
3x Red Brace
3x Red Stop
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Setups (5):
3x Red Relaxation
2x Visiting the Past

Drills (5):
1x Red Tactical Drill
1x Red Forward Stance Drill
1x Red Intimidation Drill
1x Red Oversized Drill
1x Red Threatening Drill

Events (3):
3x Chilled’s Prescience

Energy Attacks (14):
3x Red Controlled Blast
3x Red Enhanced Beam
3x Red Static Shot
2x Red Freezing Beam
3x Chilled’s Enraged Volley

Physical Attacks (20):
3x Red Pound
3x Red Power Rush
2x Red Cheap Shot
2x Red Driving Knee
2x Red Double Strike
2x Red Face Break
2x Red Heel Kick
2x Red Mule Kick
2x Red Tandem Attack

Deck Concept and Goals

So the focus of this deck is MPPV first and foremost. With only 13 of the 60 cards in the deck unable to gain anger directly, jumping up levels should be a piece of cake. On top of our Mastery granting us 2 anger per combat (1 active, 1 passive), we should be able to climb quickly.

While there were plenty of other cards I wanted to test out in this list, cards like Red Energy Outburst or Red Sneaky Strike for example, there just wasn’t enough room for everything this deck wanted to accomplish. So at the end of the day, I had to make a bunch of sacrifices to try and get the deck to where I think it could function. I still managed to get a few cards into the list that I think could be pretty spicy, like Red Determination and Red Power Rush, but ultimately I didn’t want to clog the deck with fancy cards that do little to progress the deck’s main strategy.

As with virtually every Red Deck I build these days, we have a small Drill package that helps to support the driving force of the deck. Ideally I would love to play a second Red Tactical Drill and 1-2 cards that can help tutor our Drills out of our Deck for us, but since they are not the main game plan this time around, I had to give those slots to other more practical cards.

Who Do You Think You Are to Test The Almighty Chilled!?!

And that’s our take on Chilled.

Check back in tomorrow when we go over the new Levels for Vegeta and Nappa, as well as our first impressions on the 4 “Legacy” Named cards in the set.

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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