Theory-crafting 101: Are You A God?

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay on this post. I’ve been dealing with some unwanted pests in my apartment, and it has taken up a lot of my free time getting rid of them.

Now that it is out of the way however, I’ll be able to focus on the blog again and give you all the updates you deserve! And since South Kai is only a few hours away, it shouldn’t interrupt the update for Sunday either!

But enough about my troubles, let’s get into what you really came here for, Kami!

The List

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Kami, Earth’s Guardian
2 – Kami, Prepared
3 – Kami, Fighting Spirit
4 – Kami, Overseer
M – Namekian Radiant Mastery

Blocks (15):
3x Namekian Hybrid Defense
3x Namekian Knee Block
2x Namekian Left Block
2x Namekian Forceful Block
2x Namekian Buffer
2x Namekian Crossed Guard
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Setups (8):
3x Namekian Growth
1x Namekian Wish
1x Namekian Dragon Clan
2x Visiting the Past
1x Dragon Radar

Drills (5):
1x Namekian Heritage Drill
1x Namekian Assistance Drill
1x Namekian Hospitality Drill
2x Kami’s Guardian Drill

Dragon Balls (7):
1x Earth Dragon Ball 1
1x Earth Dragon Ball 2
1x Earth Dragon Ball 3
1x Earth Dragon Ball 4
1x Earth Dragon Ball 5
1x Earth Dragon Ball 6
1x Earth Dragon Ball 7

Events (6):
3x Namekian Overtime
2x Namekian Chase
1x Heroic Energy Sphere

Energy Attacks (19):
3x Namekian Surge
2x Namekian Training Ball
2x Namekian Force Push
2x Namekian Maximum Will
2x Namekian Onslaught
2x Namekian Resourceful Shot
3x Kami’s Focused Beams
3x Optic Blast

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

I think the ideal list for this deck was somewhere around 75 cards haha. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself cutting cards you want to play in order to build your own version of this deck.

There isn’t really a primary objective for this version of the deck, as DBV and Survival seem to both be reasonable outcomes for your match. What you really want to do is try and get to Level 3 if possible, so that you can start dishing out crazy amounts of damage.

There isn’t a ton of anger built into the deck naturally, but using your Mastery’s ability to place Dragon Balls into play during combat to gain you anger passively, on top of being able to loop your own EDB 3 should hopefully creep you along.

Luckily, Kami’s Level One also acts as a fine anchor for this deck as well, making each DB that enters play mill your opponent for 1; not to mention you can shuffle that ball immediately back into your deck to get a Styled Drill of your choice.

So depending on how anti-anger heavy your opponent is, the flexibility of Kami’s Levels should keep you relevant throughout the match, no matter what level you find yourself on.

The other thing to be mindful of when playing this deck is that this version of the deck only has a limited supply of Rejuvenation. While big bursts from Namekian Growth or Namekian Buffer may help you turn the tide, they themselves are not recurring targets. Everything else at your disposal mainly deals in a single Rejuvenation at a time, so be careful not to get too greedy with the amount of DBs you have in play once Kami’s Guardian Drill is out.

The Power is Yours!

And that’s our first take on the Legends meta for TC101!

Thanks for checking out the article for this week. Don’t forget to vote in the poll below on what you’d like to see next week!

I look forward to seeing everyone at South Kai this weekend!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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