Theory-crafting 101: I Have to Protect My Image!

Hey everyone!

Today’s TC101 list looks to me like it could be a real sleeper powerhouse in the meta! I’ve always wanted to make Nappa a thing since his release, and as more and more tools came out to try and buff him, I think he’s finally almost made it!

Let’s take a look at what we have and see where it can take us:

The List

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Nappa, Rested
2 – Nappa, Supportive
3 – Nappa, Overconfident
4 – Nappa, Enraged
M – Saiyan Dynamic Mastery

Blocks (10):
2x Saiyan Focus
3x Saiyan Blocking Hand
1x Saiyan Flip
3x Saiyan Outrage
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Allies (5):
1x Vegeta – Impatient
1x Turles – Fighter
1x King Vegeta – Ruler
1x Paragus – Desperate Father
1x Bardock – Oozaru

Setups (10):
3x Saiyan Flight
2x Saiyan Peace
1x Saiyan Tactics
1x Saiyan Menace
2x Visiting the Past
1x Tree of Might

Events (4):
3x Nappa’s Confidence
1x Saiyan Rescue

Physical Attacks (31):
3x Saiyan Overhead Kick
3x Saiyan Headbutt
3x Saiyan Uppercut
3x Saiyan Body Blow
3x Saiyan Thrust
2x Saiyan Clench
2x Saiyan Elbow Drop
3x Nappa’s Energized Charge
3x I’ll Dig Your Grave!
3x Sobering Hammer
3x Android Arm Breaker

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

So first and foremost we get to start the game on Nappa’s shiny new Level 2 thanks to Dynamic Mastery. Also, we are clearly doing Saiyan Clench shenanigans, as most Nappa decks tend to do.

The added +2 stages of damage from his new Level 2 is going to make this deck feel really powerful right out of the gate, as you basically get to start the game with a bonus Tree of Might attached to you!

Another great thing about “Clench Nappa” these days is the amount of relevant Saiyan Allies! As you can see, we are playing all Saiyan Allies in this list, making some of our turns potentially devastating if we happen to see Turles and Vegeta on the board at the same time! The damage can pile on incredibly quick if your opponent happens to find themselves without a block at the wrong time.

I really wanted to play Saibamen in this list, but there are just too many negatives against them to justify even one slot. First, they aren’t Saiyan, so I can’t get them with Saiyan Overhead Kick and Turles does nothing with them. Second, they don’t have a Constant Power, so I can’t get them with Sobering Hammer either. Lastly, because of the ruling on memory, if you have at least 2 Saibamen in play, you can only activate one of them (as memory checks name per owner), meaning the ability to run more than one in your deck is completely wasted! I’m so sad to see a preview card I got to spoil rot on the wayside, but as of this writing, they just aren’t worth sleeving up 😦

The Power is Yours!

And that’s our list for this week! Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think in your testing with it.

Also, please don’t forget to vote on the poll below on which deck you would like to see written up for next week!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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