Theory-crafting 101: Maximum Over-Saiyan

Hey everyone!

Today’s article is a deck that has had the potential to exist for quite some time now, yet I haven’t seen a ton of people exploring the possibilities. With only a single card in this list coming from the FanZ card pool, I wonder if this might have been a sleeping giant that never got its moment in the sun…

Well, let’s take a look and you be the judge!

The List

MP Levels and Mastery:
1 – Vegeta, Experienced
2 – Vegeta, Imposing
3 – Vegeta, Energized
4 – Vegeta, Pinnacle of Power
M – Saiyan Rampaging Mastery

Blocks (13):
3x Saiyan Outrage
3x Saiyan Arm Catch
2x Saiyan Escape
2x Saiyan Energy Deflection
1x Saiyan Obstruction
1x Saiyan Crouch
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Setups (7):
3x Saiyan Enraged
2x Saiyan Peace
2x Visiting the Past

Events (2):
2x Heroic Energy Sphere

Energy Attacks (26):
3x Saiyan Denial
3x Saiyan Burst
3x Saiyan Energy Outburst
3x Saiyan Tantrum
3x Saiyan Rapid Fire
3x Vegeta’s Final Flash
3x Vegeta’s Galick Gun
3x Quick Blast
2x Crushing Beam

Physical Attacks (12):
3x Saiyan Face Strike
3x Saiyan Dive
3x Saiyan Body Blow
3x Sinister Choke

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

So this deck really relies heavily on Saiyan Denial to shine. While the deck still puts up an impressive amount of damage without it, the fact that Denial turns cards like Saiyan Dive into a 12 Life Card Damage attack on Level 2 for 0 stages is pretty insane. However, while we are on Level 1, the most damage our Mastery can put out is 1 stage and 2 life without Denial or 3 life with Denial, because of Vegeta’s Level 1 parenthetical text.

Because of this, we’re trying to stay away from a lot of the gimmicky “This card’s Endurance counts as higher” cards for this list or cards that have an extremely high Endurance but a generally weak effect in order to help keep the deck threatening while on Level 1 or when Denial is not attached.

Not only is this list a heavy hitter, but it also can keep MPPV as a relevant strategy thanks to cards like Saiyan EnragedVegeta’s Final Flash and Saiyan Face Strike pumping out 2+ anger when we need it the most. These cards can also act as potential combat enders if we use them to jump to Level 3 or 4.

All-in-all, I think this deck has a great potential as a Double Threat strategy and look forward to seeing how it handles itself in the wilds.

The Power is Yours!

Thanks for checking out the article for today!

As always, please make sure to vote on the deck you’d like to see covered in next week’s TC101. Every vote counts as the top 2 runners up will return in the following week’s poll to keep the dream alive. So let your voice be heard!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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2 Responses to Theory-crafting 101: Maximum Over-Saiyan

  1. How would you update this with the release of Set 10?


    • DArtagnanMF says:

      Good question. I’d have to do some thinking on that, whether I would keep this mastery or move to the new Oppressive mastery.

      In either case, I’m sure something like this will be posted up at some point on the blog. So keep your eyes peeled for it.


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