Prepping for the Final Kais: What to Expect?

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Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to post my thoughts on what to expect when preparing for the last two major Kai events for this OP Season.

There has been a lot of talk over the last week or so about what decks are the recurring top tier, and a lot of speculation on what may have a fighting chance to dethrone them. So I want to devote today into going over that, and to possibly help guide you towards the decks to play, or at the very least, to watch out for over the next few weeks.

The Events

But first, what are the last two events for this season, and what are the style prizes for winning?

Well those would be:

Supreme Kai – Saturday, July 29th at Paradox Comics-N-Cards in Fargo, ND

Card Creation: Saiyan Style

Grand Kai – Saturday, August 19th at Gencon 2017 in Indianapolis, IN

Car Creation: Namekian Style

What Decks Should You Expect?

So at this point in the season, I feel like there have been a few front runners in terms of the latest “Top Tier” strategies. The two biggest being:

  • Namekian Restored Gohan – Winner of 3 out of the 4 previous Kai events
  • Saiyan Empowered Broly – Winner of East Kai

That being the case, I believe there are a few others lurking on the sidelines that have the potential to jump out and make a name for themselves again before the end of the season. These are likely:

  • Red Ascension (aka Ferrari) Trunks
  • Blue Resolute Goku
  • Orange Retribution A13

These three decks have been known to put up numbers in the past, and I believe that they are all positioned fairly well in the current state of the meta. Whether they will prove themselves to be Kai Winner status remains to be seen, but I would bet my hard-earned Zeni that they have a fighting chance to steal the throne away from our top two performing decks of this season.

Rogue Decks to Consider

With these staple decks defined, what are some of the potential lists to worry about playing against if you are playing one of these top decks, or potentially bringing yourself to catch the current meta off guard?

Well firstly, as talked about over on our sister podcast, the KMDcast, MPPV decks feel like they have the potential to completely blindside a large majority of the meta, should they come unprepared. MPPV decks have had a rocky place in the meta ever since Wall Breaker hit the scene way back in Heroes & Villains, but an explosive version of that style of deck, especially one with the capability to dictate the flow of combat, could really dominate in the current field.

Likewise, MPPV decks with the ability to switch gears into powerful survival strategies could help hedge their bets against decks primed with crit effects and de-leveling tools.

Some of these possibilities are:

  • Awakening Vegeta – in: Red Ascension, Orange Retribution or Saiyan Rampaging.
  • Black Perceptive Tenshinhan
  • Orange Retribution Gohan
  • Red Enraged Piccolo

With the Legacy Bonus Ruling in effect, some interesting control options also present themselves for the meta to explore leading up to these events. Black Devious builds capable of controlling their opponent or dishing out large amounts of damage along with minor disruption could showcase that the style is truly back in flourish.

These options are likely:

  • Black Devious Krillin
  • Black Devious Raditz
  • Black Devious Tenshinhan
  • Black Devious Mercenary Tao

Lastly, the real name of the game this OP season seems to be critical effects and board control. Being able to stop your opponent from amassing a large board state – whether they be Setups, Drills, Allies, Dragon Balls or a combination of any/all of them – is going to be the key to victory. There are a number of decks capable of disrupting this sort of strategy, but rather than name specifics for this final section, I’d like to just present a list of cards to consider when fearing these board heavy strategies.

The tech of choice, in no particular order:

The list can go on and on, but the big point is that the card pool contains a large portion of tools capable of holding back the perfect storm that seems to be these top tier lists. If you are savvy enough to know when to play these cards in order to get the best advantage possible out of them, then I feel you will be setting yourself up to do well against these Juggernauts of the format.

The Time for Training is Nearly Over

With Supreme Kai ready to take off tomorrow afternoon, and Grand Kai right around the corner, the time available to prep is dwindling by the minute. Will you be ready to take on the challenges that lay before you?

Thanks for checking out today’s article! As always, please make sure to check back to this week’s TC101 article and vote on which deck you’d like to see explored next week!

Good luck to those that will be playing in Supreme Kai tomorrow. I look forward to hearing about the (hopefully) diverse meta choices that present themselves. If South Kai is any indication, each style has the chance to push on through to the top!

Until next time, FanZ Warriors!


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