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First Impressions: Father Knows Best

Hey everyone! So once again we have been presented with a new MP and Named Cards, and while I wasn’t planning to do one of these for every MP that’s been revealed, it seems that people are interested in what … Continue reading

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First Impressions: The Guardian of Earth

Legends is right around the corner! And with so many great previews coming down the pipeline over the last several days, I wanted to take a moment and take a deeper look at the first MP revealed from this upcoming … Continue reading

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Community and Developer Relations: Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Hey everyone! So for those of you potentially unaware, today sparked a great discussion on the development of FanZ and the connection between The Dev Team and The FanZ Community at large who still support this game that we all … Continue reading

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Card Analysis – Black Absorption Drill

Black’s Positioning Drill? With the release of Celestial Tournament┬áby the FanZ Development Team, each card seems to bring a number of options to the table, showing the great diversity within the set. Today I’d like to focus our discussion onto … Continue reading

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